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  1. Nugsy

    1967 Neptune Blue Deluxe

    Coming along well Sparky. What's the final set up you've gone with for Porsche on the front. IIRC yours is K'n'L, drop spindles, 944 hubs, 911 calipers - what discs and mounting kit you using?
  2. Nugsy

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    #7 Nugsy - just paid via bank transfer. Thanks for sorting.
  3. Nugsy

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    Count me in too please if available
  4. Nugsy

    How many buses were built?

    Knew I'd seen it somewhere Vw Production Figures
  5. Nugsy


    Reminds me of the Friends episode when Ross had his teeth whitened
  6. Nugsy

    High is the new Low - my 71 camper

    Awesome clean lines with full 70's vibe. Looks great. And can't not comment on the wheels. Read the whole thread and now have something else to add to my want list 🙂
  7. Nugsy

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Not been on much over the last few years, but still got the bus. Came back this year, some old faces, some new, but same great support and advice. Thanks all.
  8. Nugsy

    Maypole cover

    I've had my Maypole cover for 4-5 years now, excellent quality and highly recommend.
  9. Nugsy

    Any Cruise or Drives planned??

    American Diner used to be at Swadlincote that can be found here. I remember going frst few years
  10. Nugsy

    Parts For Sale Original Devon overhead locker

    I think unless folk are trying to restore to original, the old interiors don't sell for much. My original bus was a Danbury and had various bits over the years to make a full interior. But slowly replaced /updated and no interest when moving on. Got an original Danbury cooker up, free to a good...
  11. Nugsy

    Danbury Cooker Unit

    Anyone interested in a Danbury cooker from the doorside Buddy seat. Had two, used one as a template to remake. This one now spare. Free to a good home. Might go to Slough/Newbury swap meet so could take there.
  12. Nugsy

    Adjustable Spring Plates

    Thanks Graham and Sparky. It's my thoughts you'd still have ro remove it too. I'm on horseshoes which iirc gave a 3 " drop, so would still have to turn a spline or two with the 2" ones. Looking to run 7" teledials or Cookies, whichever works better as like both.
  13. Nugsy

    Adjustable Spring Plates

    Thanks Fallingofalot, good to hear it will solve that problem. Did you but the direct replacement and turn the splines or the ones that already come with a 1" or 2" drop. Direct replacement are straight but the drop ones have a little swerve in them
  14. Nugsy

    Cool Air online chat

    Went on to Cool Air today, and wanted to pay compliment to the service. I spoke (typed) with Rob, and he took time to answer all my questions (I had a lot), explain some technical issues in layman's terms and made me feel as a customer, that I mattered. Something that can be sadly missing these...
  15. Nugsy

    Adjustable Spring Plates

    Hi all, Aware I need to swap my horsehoes for adjustable spring plates. Only really looked at Cool Air and T2D. Cool Air offer standard, 1" drop and 2" drop. Was chatting with their online help today and he explained that buying standard means turning splines to get the drop. Prefabricated with...
  16. Nugsy

    Parts Wanted Steering column 1972 RHD wanted any good?
  17. Nugsy

    Guess What?

    How did you find out, did it roll in by accident 😀
  18. Nugsy

    Mr Velgreeno

    According to profile, last seen 29th September. As much as we're a friendly bunch on here, I must say since I've come back his enthusiasm in posts has been brilliant
  19. Nugsy

    Parts Wanted Wanted: Early Bay T2a Stock Factory Spindles

    Long shot but are either drum drop spindles. What kind of price are you looking at please (happy to pm)