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    Northern Spain

    Hi 70-CA-Panel, just picked up your message (sorry). We flew into Madrid, drove up to Salamanca, the to Santiago de Compostela, then to Lastres, then to Bilbao on to San Sebastian and next to the Rioja region and then back to Madrid. Glad to hear that the surfing was good 👍. We watched some guys...
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    Northern Spain

    Currently visiting Northern Spain (sadly not in my EB). Been here for over two weeks and only seen 1 bay window kombi (& it was from GB!). It's a really top place and I wondered if anyone out there had brought their kombi here and had any thoughts or advice?
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    Rock and roll bed 1200 width

    Many thanks 👍
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    Rock and roll bed 1200 width

    Hi Davidoft, could you please show photos of the risers with how easy they are to install?
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    Interior Dimensions

    Hi All, my 1971 bus is still with the restorers. I want to start planning our camper layout. Does anyone have a drawings (with dimensions) that I can use to start to get design ideas on to? Many thanks.
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    Post ownership clear out! - All sold.

    Interested in walkthrough mat. Head light surround. Other stuff. I'm in Sandbach, so close.
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    Complete new wiring loom or repair where it's going wrong?

    Any advice please. Has anyone replaced a complete wiring in a Kombi? How difficult? Any advice? What about a decent(colour) wiring diagram or even a recommended link or video?