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    Best fitting Panels?

    Hi guy's, been a long time since I've been on here and I'm after a bit of advice on where to buy best quality panels from nowadays? All for early bay not crossover in particular a full front panel n/s full middle panel, n/s rear arch panel (full if pos) and a pair of full front arches. Tia Nelly.
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    Washer bottle

    good crossover washer bottle £10+postage
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    72 bay 330bhp scooby turbo volksworld cover car oct 2011

    Thinking of selling my bus heres a link to build thread-" onclick=";return false; and a few pics for those that don't know my bus, Looking for offers in excess of £20k i've paid out over £35k plus my labour.
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    free bus stop tickets

    Two free tickets to bus stop for this w/end camping,cruise and eastbourne show shine, Collect them on your way there in Andover/hants. Nelly
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    pro's and cons of different suspension setups

    Nafe mine is to expensive to produce for resale, as you know anything with a porsche badge and that, to be fair for the money i'd go for the red 9 double wishbone and as creation blue has said should sort your track width issues out. Nelly
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    pro's and cons of different suspension setups

    Nafe i don't get any rubbing but not as low as i'd like but I'm on 18s and handles like a 911 ;) Glad to see your on the road mate, maybe you need to change your Sig now?
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    6 rib box wanted

    As title for a mate, pm me with what you've got, Nelly.
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    BIG RIMS ?

    Got 18's on mine have a look in the gallery section and corky over on the was running 19's for a bit ;-) Nelly.
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    paint sprayer in cornwall..situation vacant

    Scott i've pm'd you, Nelly
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    Not posted for a while so just a few pics from the photo shoot with Jon Pratt that didn't get into the mag, All photos courtesy of Volksworld magazine who did a great job on the feature, as did Jon with the pics :D Got a few jobs to do on the bus over the winter, had a bit of an...
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    Crossover clutch cable

    I've got one offy crossover that only did a couple of hundred miles, Pm me if your interested ;-)
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    bwa monster engine build?

    It will fit :-) a guy on vwkd is fitting the 3.3 to his bay using all rjes parts ;-)
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    bwa monster engine build?

    You say nothing flash but an early ej22 has 133 bhp and a late one 140 odd ;-)
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    bwa monster engine build?

    It'll fit if you want it to ;-) Or if you go for a turbo go 2lt sti not twin turbo rubbish that is a nightmare to get sorted, check out my thread but whatever way you go you'l need a big budget :-)
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    Wtd blue bird customs rear popout

    As title,anyone got one they're not gonna use? Nelly.
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    Crossover doors and rear chassis crossmember (Pics Added)

    Doors have a few tiny pin holes in nothing major £10ea but you'll need to collect, rear crossmember 69-72 new panel £5+postage. The doors aren't as good as i thought looks like 5 years of rain has taken its toll :(
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    my 1971 danburyfalia pop top project

    SCRATCHED IT :evil: I did say it would happen though! Nice tent mate ;)
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    Wanted Bluebird rear popout window.

    As above really,anyone got one?