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  1. Trikky2

    No indicators, flashing gen light.

    This problem can also be caused by corrosion on the ends of the fuses. Easy fix, just remove and clean the ends of the fuses, a light smear of Vaseline will help stop them corroding again.
  2. Trikky2

    Whats under the Dormobile side unit?

    I can confirm that Dormobile did not fit anything under the cupboard side unit. Owners put in off cuts of carpet or foam to stop stuff rattling in there.
  3. Trikky2

    VIN Help! 12 digits 4 letters?

    That doesent look right. Look in the owners manual. It will tell you where the chassis number is stamped. If you don't have an owners manual have a look on "the samba" website where you can download and print one.
  4. Trikky2

    6 rib gearbox question

    The five rib box fitted to the 1.8 is a nice gearbox but relatively rare since they didn't make them for very long. Ratios are a great compromise between the 1.6 and the 2.0 :)
  5. Trikky2

    2nd Synchro

    Sometimes changing the oil in the gearbox helps. Use normal EP 80/90. If you do change the gearbox oil always undo the filler plug first :)
  6. Trikky2

    Walkie talkies, anyone using them?

    Haven't used them myself but friends did last year and told me they were great and that, as you say, they were also useful for the kids when on site.
  7. Trikky2

    paint colours

    Agreed, yes body colour. In addition the original Dormobile roof was not painted. It's finish and colour was the white gel coat.
  8. Trikky2

    I would like some opinions please

    I'm a couple of hours south of dept 16, down in 46. Vintage autohouse is about 20 mins up the road from me.
  9. Trikky2

    I would like some opinions please

    Thanks for your kind words six :) Had many good times and I still love the bus. Time marches on and all that. I hope to find a good home for it and I shall continue to try to help out where I can. Frederik.
  10. Trikky2

    I would like some opinions please

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated :) Gona66', yes nice idea. Unfortunately the kids have not inherited my interest in old machines and classic cars.
  11. Trikky2

    71 Dormobile D4/6

    I had a few people ask me about the sleeping arrangements and the elevating roof so heres some pictures. first from the cab looking back (without and then with the barrier, so youngsters don't fall) :- Next a couple from the back looking forward :- So in addition to the full width...
  12. Trikky2

    71 Dormobile D4/6

    A small update. Last summer we spent a lovely 2 weeks touring round Corsica. inspiration came from Clems visit there a while back. Clem was right - its a beautiful place. The only hiccup was the fuel gauge which started under reading. Turned out it was a dodgy connection...
  13. Trikky2

    I would like some opinions please

    The time has come for me to sell my camper. It's a uk RHD 1971 Dormobile D4/6 fitted with a spacemaker elevating roof. It's in lovely condition. I have owned it since 1973 and it was cavity wax injected with Dinitrol and the underside treated with Zeibart. Annual inspections, always garaged and...
  14. Trikky2

    1969 Dormobile interior light positions

    Not sure if this also applies to 1969 but in 70/71 there's the normal stock light above the passenger side door and another stock unit fitted above the window behind the sliding door, which was also controlled by the switch on the dash. Then there was a fluorescent with two tubes and its own...
  15. Trikky2

    Generator light on ?

    Sounds like the regulator is sticking. Might just need a tap or a clean.
  16. Trikky2

    Which Brake Servo

    It's a well known issue. You can make a 'C' clip that holds the two cables closer together so it just clears the servo. You may need to slightly slacken the cable adjustment afterwards if the handbrake travel is too short. In addition you may find you need to use a grinder to reduce the stub on...
  17. Trikky2

    On the Move: Ticking off another continent

    Good to hear you like it down there enough to stay. I think, given the opportunity, I would have done the same. It's an amazing place. :) Hope the importation goes smoothly for you.
  18. Trikky2

    Conversation corner: original rubber mats

    All of the above plus reduced contact area means less water sandwiched between the mat and floor.
  19. Trikky2

    Lopsided back end!

    Well if your bus is leaning and the spring plates are set correctly, then you first need to check if you have gas filled shocks. A faulty one can mean one side rides higher than the other. Once the shocks have been eliminated as a possible cause, check the front suspension. A straight chassis...
  20. Trikky2

    6 rib gearbox question

    Impressive. Your engine must be putting out some good hp otherwise you would be back to 3rd on motorway inclines. :D