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  1. mabbo

    1972 Westfalia mini resto

    Hi guys, thought you might be interested in seeing a 72 RHD Westy that came to us for a bit of metalwork and exterior repaint. Its a pretty solid bus from South Africa but needed a windscreen aperture repair: Few repairs around the bus such as the sliding door: Battery tray was rotten as...
  2. mabbo

    Retro Restoration Staffordshire

    Almost finished now :D
  3. mabbo

    My 1969 Californian import Westfalia - "Buddy"

    Bought a gearbox from Paplo66 on here as a known good working order that he removed from his mates low mileage 69 to replace it with a 6 rib. So hopefully get that fitted soon.
  4. mabbo

    Hannah the Montana Westfalia.

    Nice job big boy x
  5. mabbo

    Retro Restoration Staffordshire

    Thanks mate, just having a quick look through your 70 thread. Nice :D
  6. mabbo

    Retro Restoration Staffordshire

    Cheers Graham :D
  7. mabbo

    Wanted - 3 rib gearbox

    Hi, Are there any known good gearboxes for sale at the moment before I get mine rebuilt. Cheers, Neil
  8. mabbo

    Spray gun recommendations.

    Iwata WS400 is a nice gun for clear. Bit slow and the fan is massive so make sure you wind it in. Takes a bit of setting up but can get a real nice finish with one.
  9. mabbo

    Retro Restoration Staffordshire

    Hi. Just took out a new advert on here and bought myself an early bay Westfalia last year so thought I aught to start using the forum a bit more :D Heres my Cali import Westy: A 72 Westy we have done some metalwork on recently and are repainting: 73 Continental we repainted the roof and...
  10. mabbo

    My 1969 Californian import Westfalia - "Buddy"

    Hi, Thought Id start a resto thread for my Californian import 1969 Westy. I bought it last year and done a few bits to it so far but mostly mechanical work so we could use it for our family holiday last year around Devon. Anyway here it is while we were away: My kids love it :D The gearbox...
  11. mabbo

    Buying an engine...

    I would suggest finding a none running 1600 that came from a van with the proper mounting holes in the case for the moustache bar. You will learn a lot just by stripping it down. Best case scenario cost wise would be: Crank case machining Gasket set Main, rod, cam bearings Crank grind...
  12. mabbo

    New to EarlyBay ? Say Hi here ...

    Hello, Been lurking on here for a while, but just thought I should say hello. Unfortunately I don't have an Early Bay at the moment :( But I do have a 1968 Beetle: I have a Bay project I'm working on at the moment, which was pretty rough: Just doing the bodywork prep at the moment. It...
  13. mabbo

    Retro Restoration and Performance - West Midlands

    Hello, A quick post to introduce myself and what I do, as I have just paid to sponsor and advertise on the forum. :mrgreen: I run Retro Restoration and Performance in Brownhills, West Midlands. We mainly undertake restoration work, and performance modifications to any aircooled Volkswagen...
  14. mabbo

    Front panel WANTED

    Cheers Grazy, I already sent them an email and they havent got anything at the moment :(
  15. mabbo

    Front panel WANTED

    Hello, I am after a front panel for a 72 bay window. Must be in good condition. Dont mind minor repairs but the more solid the better. Thanks, Mabbo