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  1. J

    Rapido Exportmatic folding caravan for sale

    It's long gone I'm afraid...
  2. J

    Rapido Exportmatic folding caravan for sale

    After four years, I'm selling my Rapido Exportmatic. I'm posting it here as i bought it to tow with my Early Bay but now the brood has grown and the Bay has made way for a T5 so I'm going bigger. If you're not familiar, it's a hard-skinned, aluminium folding caravan that folds into a trailer...
  3. J

    Garage clear-out

    Sorry for late reply. Pellwood, got your PM and will reply imminently. Cloud Dancer, definitely, if Pellwood doesn't have them, you're next. Thanks both. Jim
  4. J

    Garage clear-out

    Hey Chad, I guess a couple of quid to post. Call it £13 all up? If you're happy with that, I'll PM you my details. Matty, Bugger - still, thanks for letting me know - good of you. Will chop to 'the other' forum and see if it goes there. Thanks again, Jim
  5. J

    Garage clear-out

    Having a sort out and a few EB parts: Three-guage cluster. Oil Pressure, oil temperature and battery conditions (volts). Mounted in plastic, surface mound pod. Home-made wiring harness for power and earth to gauges, as well as loom for power and earth for lighting. No senders. I used a...
  6. J

    Brighton Breeze - Thanks

    Hey Toffo My pleasure - like I said, thanks for checking. Hope you all had a good day despite the weather... Jim
  7. J

    Brighton Breeze - Thanks

    A quick thanks to various people from Saturday, who may or may not see this; The two Bays who slowed/stopped to check we were Ok as we coughed, spluttered and exploded along the hard shoulder of the M25 heading (slowly) towards the M23 nightmare (eventually traced to loose electronic trigger...
  8. J

    Who pulls a caravan or a teardrop behind there early ?

    Actually, that's a good point. The one main drawback with the Rapido is that once you've put it down, while you can store a fair bit of stuff in cupboards and under seats, etc, actually, there isn't a huge amount of storage room. So we always end up with bedding, clothes, coolbox and toys in the...
  9. J

    Who pulls a caravan or a teardrop behind there early ?

    We've got the Export which is the largest of the lot, as we've got three kids. As the roof panels are larger and heavier than the Confort, I can't quite put it up on my own but I can put the whole thing down alone. It's dead easy and quick, once you've done it a couple of times. Basically...
  10. J

    Who pulls a caravan or a teardrop behind there early ?

    Another vote for a Rapido. We bought an Exportmatic a couple of years ago and it's awesome. Capacity to sleep 6, proper hard walls and beds and folds up smaller (narrower and lower) than the bus so it does't act as a parachute. Stock-ish (twin carbs and exhaust) motor pulls it without any...
  11. J

    jack question

    I tried the factory jack once and it was terrifying. Then carried a small trolley jack but took up too much room. Then I found a Land Rover bottle jack. Huge lift, heavy and robust with a decent base for stability and a curved top part to sit nicely under an axle tube.
  12. J

    Gazebo for sale - Now sold

    Hi there, Would you take £15 for it and I'll collect either later this evening (Weds 3 Sept) or possible Friday or the weekend? I'm just south of Bedford. If so, PM me a number and I'll give you a call. Many thanks, Jim
  13. J

    Weber ict issues

    I'm with Bay-Low - I've got twin 34s and a 0009 and it pulls like a train while driving perfectly. Spitting back through the carbs tends too suggest a lean mixture - either an air leak or jets too small. I had the same problem and replacing the inlet gaskets (crush rings) solved it nicely...
  14. J

    heater levers and more…………...

    Are the heater levers still available? If so, I'll take them please - if you PM your details, I'll pay ASAP. Thanks, Jim
  15. J

    It does cheer you up when your bus starts in the New Year ..

    Parked mine up when I got home from Brighton Breeze with an electrical 'issue' when the starter would't turn. Went up the workshop yesterday to sort the starter and thought 'Give it a quick go'. Turned over and after 20 secs to fill the carb float chambers, fired and idled rock steady. Proper...
  16. J

    The problem with rock and roll beds...

    I started with one of the cheapies from ebay and it was OK. I had to spend a day with a mate beefing it up so it didn't sag like a wet towel but did Ok for a couple of years. One thing I will say though is the seat was too high from the ground for the kids to sit in comfortably. Last year I...
  17. J

    does mild lowering cause problemos?

    First thing I did on mine (once brakes etc had all been checked through) was T2D's drive in/out lowering. Went down I think around 3in but wish I'd gone a tad more at the front. Not much, just another 1in or so. Bus rides lovely though and also, can take five of us, all our gear and fold-up...
  18. J

    Fuel Pipe Deterioration...

    Just changed all of mine while the motor was out - Machine 7 is/was doing a bundle on R9 hose, clips and filter.
  19. J

    Freaky electrical 'issue'

    All, Massive thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Will work through them in order of simplicity (mine, not the suggestions) and report back when I eventually muster the motivation to go back to the workshop, now the weather's turned. Thanks again - knew I could rely on EBers... Jim