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  1. 983 Huey

    Our 1970 Microbus - North East UK

    Hi Andy, fellow north east early bay owner here 🖐️ Worth mentioning, on the subject of north east air cooled meet ups, there’s a weekly one through the summer at Millies American diner in Bedlington station. Also I’m sure the Angel Vw club do an occasional air cooled burger meet up in...
  2. 983 Huey

    Lanoguard ?

    I can’t recommend it enough! The zero prep needed is worth it alone, takes hours of graft away from the task. I happily re apply year after year as it really isn’t difficult at all. It works very well indeed. Regarding the smell, I actually like it! But only because I like farm smells for...
  3. 983 Huey

    Old school ravers edition - Underworld..

    Best gig I ever attended was Underworld at Barrowland Glasgow, Karl's amazing energy was magnified in such an intimate venue. I couldn't stop listening to the live "everything everything" album for months afterwards. That new record with Iggy is an absolute BEAST of a track btw. 8)
  4. 983 Huey

    Stub shaft required

    Hi, could you pm me a contact number please? And I'll text you done measurements as soon as I get bus stripped. Starting to panic a bit now on deadlines my wife has set me to get bus done. 😂 Cheers, Doug.
  5. 983 Huey

    Stub shaft required

    Yeah I've just realised looking at heritage site that there are different types... one is £45 and the other is £165 Looking at the model years stated on the site, mine is going to need the dearer one as my bus is a '69 build date an the cheaper shafts are for '70 onwards. Typical! That said...
  6. 983 Huey

    Stub shaft required

    I need number 17 on here....
  7. 983 Huey

    Stub shaft required

    Help needed... The threaded section of my offside driveshaft has deteriorated to the point where the hub nut can jump threads even with the locking pin in place. I'm after a new stub shaft, does anybody have one for sale? Or... Can anybody be so kind as to point me in the direction of a new...
  8. 983 Huey

    WANTED - hightop or pop top roof

    I'd be interested in more info on this Joe, price, condition, any missing parts? etc... Also, location. Cheers, Doug
  9. 983 Huey

    Engine bay trim (under rear shelf)

    Many thanks guys, top info!
  10. 983 Huey

    Engine bay trim (under rear shelf)

    That trim board stuff with the holes in under rear shelf in the engine bay... Mine is long gone, wondered if it's available anywhere or what sound deadening/insulation people have used in its place? Many thanks, Doog.
  11. 983 Huey

    Earlybay 2018 calender......

    I'd be all over this!
  12. 983 Huey

    Bulkhead wanted

    Need a complete early bulkhead for between engine and tank, my bus used to have an Eberspacher heater fitted from new and as such has the split bulkhead with a big square gash hole cut into it. If anybody has a full bulkhead at decent price or perhaps wants to do a swap for the eberspacher...
  13. 983 Huey

    Wanted steering rack and pinion

    If Jabba decided that sounds like too much work, I'd be interested in those parts. Cheers.
  14. 983 Huey

    Eberspacher duct into cabin area

    Ahh ok cool. Just removed one today after a long and drawn out "should I or shouldn't I remove it" thought process which ultimately resulted in the decision that I will never ever use it, so out she comes. Going to weld the aperture up while my tank is out.
  15. 983 Huey

    Eberspacher duct into cabin area

    Did you get sorted?
  16. 983 Huey

    Desperately needed, north east...

    Cheers, will try that
  17. 983 Huey

    Desperately needed, north east...

    Anybody local (ish) to Newcastle upon Tyne happen to have an empi style tubular exhaust for sale? I'm prepping the van for a trip away on Tuesday and have only just discovered that the header I've bought is a beetle/splitty item and won't fit my bay due to the moustache bar. Old exhaust is...
  18. 983 Huey

    Garage clear out

    I'll take the inlet manifold too if the pre-heater tubes are in good nick?
  19. 983 Huey

    Garage clear out

    I'll take the exhaust if you're willing to post to NE24 area? Thanks, Doug.