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    I’ve been building engines for well over fifty years – let’s say I’m experienced rather than just old – but if I couldn’t build my own engine, swapping an ancient air-cooled engine for a slightly bigger ancient air-cooled engine doesn’t make any sense when a much more modern Subaru engine could...
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    Engine overheating?

    I’ve been running Biral cylinders with Hypereutectic slipper pistons in a 96x80 (2316cc) Type 4 engine for a few years now. Heads are 41x34, standard heat exchangers, 42mm CSP Python exhaust, 28-row external oil cooler. No overheating pushing a heavy Westy.
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    CB Performance Rotary fuel pump

    Usually, the pump and filter are 8mm, are you sure it’s 10mm? I use a brass reducer, but you could change the tank outlet although it would be more difficult. A fuel injection pump relay VW/Audi part number 321 906 059 C or similar, works fine.
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    Water on cab floor

    Aer you sure it’s water and not brake fluid?
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    Balls - I think my gearbox is acting up!

    Yea, I’m a lurker here, I’m a Late Bay guy as you can guess from my user’s name. :)
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    Balls - I think my gearbox is acting up!

    I thought Pete had retired; I haven’t heard of him for a few years. Do you have an address, contact number etc?
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    It's the wipers. Only Oz buses have the wipers correct for RHD.
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    Jumping out of 2nd gear.

    No name or exact address on the website but if that is who I think it is, I wouldn’t go there again.
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    Fuel in crank case.

    Worn out needle valves are probably the cause of the fuel in oil, unlikely to be the floats but it's obviously a possibility. Viton tipped float valves for IDFs are available from Classic Carbs UK or Eurocarb, and are well worth fitting. Check the float height after fitting new valves.