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  1. Adam1970bay

    Parts For Sale Trailer beetle top

    Roof rack has gone, trailer still for sale. Can take to pre79 event penkridge Sunday 14th Reduced to £260
  2. Adam1970bay

    Parts For Sale Trailer beetle top

    This is still for sale. Can take to Stanford hall
  3. Adam1970bay

    Oil leak

    Cheers I will try the fatter gaskets If not bolt on set up, I am just concern on oil dripping on to hot pipes
  4. Adam1970bay

    Oil leak

    I know never going to stop it, I am getting it leaking out of rocker covers. Tried new gaskets, both Silcon and cork, new rocker covers and new clamps none seems to make a difference, it’s dripping straight on to my hot j tubes And recommendations
  5. Adam1970bay

    Power Stations

    We have a solar panel to leisure battery which works well but only 12v in the van We have recently brought a jackory and solar panel as my with does a lot of craft fairs and needed to have a 240 supply for an engraver, it’s lightweight
  6. Adam1970bay

    Parts For Sale Empi gearstick

    I do I changed from The empi to vintage speed one, a lot easier to get gears. Plus can put in 1st while hand brake is on unlike with the empi
  7. Adam1970bay

    No thermostat and no vents flaps

    Thanks Basically if I can find some before engine goes back together get them and fit them, guessing there is s a size difference between twin and single port ones.
  8. Adam1970bay

    No thermostat and no vents flaps

    Hi our bay has both. The trekker has neither, the dog house has the air block offs as does not use the heat exchanger. Both engines are 1641 twin port What are the pros and cons to having no vents flaps and no thermostat? Or would you source getting them and fitting them?
  9. Adam1970bay

    Wiring loom advice

    When I did mine. Got some of cables off ebay and others from a garage friend. We printed a poster with the wiring diagram on. On a4 printer so we could work out what we needed, (As what we had already was useless, 3 core house wiring to break lights) I put a few extra wires from front to...
  10. Adam1970bay

    Parts For Sale Trailer beetle top

    This is still for sale
  11. Adam1970bay

    Parts For Sale Late bay rhd door

    We have a late bay sliding door that requires a new inner and outer bottom repair Window surround is good There is a few little dents Collection from near Rugeley staffordshire. £100
  12. Adam1970bay

    No numbers on engine cases

    My replacement engine case. Has no number still got the old knackered one, it was not engraved on it, was just a nail and glue
  13. Adam1970bay

    Which dizzy

    I currently have a 009 dizzy, I use to have a electric version with vac. That just died as many have said it would. I have a Webber 32/36 progressive carb. Runs ok, bar when warm and slow moving it goes loud and sound like it’s racing, I believe it could be air leek( there is a bolt in the air...
  14. Adam1970bay

    Home made ?

    If there are any plans or sizes that would be great if I could have a copy
  15. Adam1970bay

    The Sums just don't add up

    Doing it over a long time and getting bits when you see at auto jumble is only way to do it. And doing work your self. I have spoken to people that have spent 15-17k for resto companies to finish vans that are ‘mot’. They look amazing, if the van had been on your family since new that’s...
  16. Adam1970bay

    Stafford Aircooled Meet

    Will aim to be there
  17. Adam1970bay


    What gas bottles do people use, or moving to now calor have stop the 3.9 and 4.5 bottles. We used take 2 3.9kg bottles for a week, one for kettle and stove in van and other for the cadac outside. Calor reseller will swap my empty for 6kg but I don’t want to take 2 of them away. And a paint to...
  18. Adam1970bay

    Electrical sockets

    We stripped out our electric hook up and inverter, used it once in first 5 years. Like most others we have a few 12 sockets, usb, lights and head unit plugged in to the 100ah leisure battery, which has a 10 Watt solar panel topping it up, we don’t have a split charger. I have played a round...
  19. Adam1970bay

    Just for interest.

    We have tried everything on our van, engine went away to be rebuilt as we had looked at it 5 years ago and was not happy. Welding and paint cells done by me, ( learnt on a beetle, 3rd think I have welded and painted). Not body shop finish but costs a lot less, with celly paint I have found it...
  20. Adam1970bay

    Stafford Aircooled Meet

    We are aiming to be there, and the van. For the first time too