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    Bend EMPI gear shifter

    +1 Same for me @thejinx - I've got the empi trigger shifter, works great (think I also added a short-shift plate to it or something years ago) apart from this. Looked at it awhile back from just the handbrake POV and Bentley (10.1) says "...pull the brake handle out six clicks...", but that's...
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    Fire Pit - What you burning?

    Hi, So anyone with a Fire pit - Any recommendations on... 1) What brand/how much fuel you using to BBQ with? 2) What brand wood you using when just having it as a fire? Looking for something smokeless, as although I'll be in the van, others nearby will be slumming it in tents. Thanks, Steve
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    What's on your list ?

    Going for some Volksworld circa-2000 vibes there!
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    Fitted CSP Drum's - Loud screeching noise?

    Thanks for the suggestion. When we took the new CSP drum off, the grease looked OK; I'll add a photo below. No smell of burning. Also couldn't actually see any wearing on the backplate - just could feel it catching somewhere.
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    jelousie window 68 bus,

    Some installation advice here...
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    Fitted CSP Drum's - Loud screeching noise?

    Yeah, I should have said it's a 69.
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    Fitted CSP Drum's - Loud screeching noise?

    Hi, So I've just had some New CSP drum's fitted front and rear a couple of days ago. Also had new shoes and bearings fitted. Driving home all was good until about 20mins/20miles when I started hearing a screeching noise that just got louder and louder; Went out for another drive yesterday and...
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    4 wheel alignment/tracking near Bristol/Bath

    Like @Clem in the past I always used a local "Old School Garage"... However, I needed front tyres replacing just before a planned trip away - Options were limited and despite hearing bad things about them, I reluctantly booked it into a local Kwik Fit. It turned out to be really good...
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    Buying parts from Europe (CSP?) and shipping to UK

    Thanks everyone for the info. I have previously made non-vw purchases from Europe & the US; It seemed to vary on what/when duty was applied. Anyway - Now sorted; I've bought both CSP Front/Rear drums from UK.
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    Buying parts from Europe (CSP?) and shipping to UK

    Hi, I've been looking to buy some CSP drums (Front and Rear) and checked out the usual UK stockists - Rear ones are around £350, fronts £340; When I checked directly with CSP in Germany they are 301.31 Euros posted... So, are my following calculations correct?? - If I add on the import...
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    What am I doing wrong

    Good luck; +1 for using heat. Also there's this example on thesamba which might help - although sometimes it's annoying to see someone else just easily remove it...
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    Mighty Dub Fest - 14th/16th June 2024

    Anyone going? Not 100% about making it Friday, but definitely Saturday.
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    Walkthrough heater knob missing

    Just for reference mines a LHD 69 Microbus.
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    Brake Drum Recommendations?

    Thanks Mike - Really appreciate the offer; Think I'm now going to do what you did and replace the lot.
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    Brake Drum Recommendations?

    Thanks for clarifying - I should have said that mines a 69.
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    Brake Drum Recommendations?

    Thanks K@rlos; Looks like Schofields have both CSP front and rear on their website - I'll give them a call.
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    Brake Drum Recommendations?

    So just found that Cool Air have both Front and Rear refurb kits listed which include drums, but they both out of stock. I'll call them tomorrow.
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    Brake Drum Recommendations?

    Hi, Couple of Brake related queries: Rear... Last service had the rear bearings done & also wanted the shoes changing; Was informed that rear drums were starting to oval, so was advised no point in fitting the new shoes. Either get the drums skimmed (temporary solution) or buy some new ones...
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    Kitchen cabinet and fridge + burner + sink

    Is your "gas burner/sink" the same dimensions as the Smev/Dometic single gas burner? I had just the single sink version, but think they are close to the same size. I was pushed for time & was told I needed a "fitted sink" for my bus to be let onto a festival campsite; So did this as a quick...
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    Door cards stopping them rotting

    Hi, Basically what @67panel said; Water will get in - It's designed so that any water inside the door runs down and exits via the drain holes in the door bottom. Originally there will have been a plastic membrane (like you mention) between the door card and door - Options are either replace...