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    Which Fuel do you use?

    There's no such thing as just petrol, the formulation of which varies with the seasons and climatic conditions, as well as there being various additives. Contrary to popular myth, petrol is not just a blend of straight-chain and branched-chain octanes (i.e. alkanes with 8 carbon atoms) but can...
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    Alloy wheel tyre pressures

    If If one researches tyres in more detail, one finds that the maximum permissible inflation pressure, is not generally the inflation pressure at which the maximum load rating is defined. WHAT IS MAXIMUM LOAD FOR A TIRE? WHAT IS...
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    4 inch narrowed beam questions

    I have yet to find a definitive reference for the United Kingdom, but I am aware that in Australia, there are restrictions regarding DIY changes in a vehicle’s wheel-track (i.e. distance between ground-level tyre-tread centres of opposite wheels on the same axle) from the factory-standard...
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    Wipers seized not working RHD Australian import

    Dependent upon model-year, 1968~79 VW Type 2s came with either LHD or RHD configuration front windscreen wipers. To find out how they differ, it might be useful to enroll on the Australian Kombi Club forum, of which I am also a member. If your 1971 VW Type 2 windscreen wipers were never used...
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    What size spare tyre?? And valve question

    For 165/60 R14 tyres, the typical load index is 75 for normal tyres and 79 for extra-load tyres. Both of these are inadequate, even for the front wheels of a 1968~79 VW Type 2 and would probably be illegal owing to their inadequate load rating!
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    4 inch narrowed beam questions

    To satisfy my curiosity, I did an Internet search for Bridgestone Potenza 165/50 R15 tyres and came up with the following extremely disturbing two results, indicating that this tyre specification has a load index of 73, corresponding to a maximum load rating of only 365 kg at the prescribed...
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    4 inch narrowed beam questions

    185/80 R14 => 2047•0 mm external-circumference 195/70 R15 => 2054•6 mm external-circumference [0•4% larger than 185/80 R14] 185/65 R16 => 2032•2 mm external-circumference [0•7% smaller than 185/80 R14] 185/65 R16 => 2073•1 mm external-circumference [1•3% larger than 185/80 R14] 175/55 R15...
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    Gas struts to Westy poptop

    This is a topic on which I have posted extensively on The Samba and other 1968~79 VW Type 2 related forums; having pioneered my own elevating-roof, gas-strut retro-fitment during the 1990s, using second-hand salvaged gas struts from a Volvo 300-Series hatchback! Forum Index > Bay Window Bus >...
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    Lowering a bus to get in and out of a garage

    I have a 1973 VW Type 2 Westfalia Continental, of factory-standard suspension and ground-clearance, which has fitted in my family's garage and both of my grandparent's garages, which had 7-feet high garage doors without any clearance problems. When I substitute 7 x 16 inch Mercedes C-Class...
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    Engine block core plug

    I don't think I have ever seen an oil-pressure switch installed so deeply in a VW Type 1 style engine's crankcase! Normally they have tapered threads which progressively become tighter and don't screw in far enough, to bottom-out the nut portion against the crankcase. Is there a sealing-washer...
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    Bugpack Mesa oil cooler fuse requirements

    Electric motors have a start-up current which is higher than the steady-state current at normal running speed. If anything impedes the normal-speed rotation of the motor, such as partially-seized bearings or other increase in load, the motor would take more current and run hotter. This is how...
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    Which Fuel do you use?

    As fuel formulations change and the proportion of ethanol increases, it will probably be necessary to change the fuel/air ratio. Ethanol also needs more heat to vaporise than petrol, so under cool, damp conditions can more readily lead to carburettor & inlet-manifold icing.
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    Blade Type fusebox

    Under-steering-column-brace, mounting brackets for 6-way relay connector blocks Two of these are used to mount two 6-way relay connector blocks (ex Austin Montego or Metro) beneath the horizontal steering-column-brace of my 1973 VW Type 2. The four holes in the large trapezium-shaped region...
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    Blade Type fusebox

    Several years ago, when contemplating the electrical system upgrade, of my British specification, 1973 VW "1600" Type 2, Westfalia Continental campervan, without resorting to expensive accessory fuse boxes and relay boxes, such as those available from Vehicle Wiring Services, I explored the...
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    Blade Type fusebox

    I don't see any stripey wires there corresponding to VW or DIN wiring colour conventions!?! When I wanted to supplement the wiring in my 1973 VW "1600" Type 2 to cater for all the extra accessories (e.g. rear-window wiper & washer) and supplementary gauges, I had to devise my own wiring colour...
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    Heated Front Screen with Top Edge Tint in Blue

    If you manage to get a quotation for one or more at a reasonable price, I would be interested to know. Ideally, I would like one for my 1973 VW "1900" Type 2 Westfalia Continental and one for my 1974 Triumph Toledo 1300 "HL Special".
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    Heated Front Screen with Top Edge Tint in Blue

    It appears that the custom-made, electrically-heated, laminated front windscreens for classic cars, supplied by Ricky Evans Motorsport, might actually be produced by a small, specialist company called Tyneside Safety Glass.
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    Windscreen washer jets

    You might want to read this topic thread that I started several years ago." onclick=";return false;
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    Heavy duty anti-roll bar and stainless fitting kit

    Hello Lee. Is this a front or rear anti-roll bar and what is the anti-roll bar diameter? I am presently contemplating the retro-fitment of heavy-duty front & rear anti-roll bars for my 1973 VW "1600" Type 2 Westfalia Continental campervan, that has been in my family since January 1975, which...
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    Westfalia Interior Questions

    I deduce that this is left-hand drive Westfalia campervan of either North American or European specification. Noting that you have what looks like a padded dashboard, strongly suggests that it is of North American specification. The damaged sticker which reads, "Sitzen nicht wahrend der fahrt...