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1967 (68) westfalia tin top bay for sale

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Oct 21, 2014
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For sale is a 1967 bay window camper that Iv owned for a few years now but unfortunately this and a Beetle I own have to go due to space problems.

Since the time I’ve owned this bus Iv completed other projects including the 1965 Beetle for sale, a 1969 bay window panel van and a few other small projects so this really hasn’t had much of a look in but if it doesn't sell il complete as its far from a big project.

My plan was body left as it is just repaired where needed,very low on hydraulic suspension, 17” Wheels with a fully detailed underside so I started with getting it ready for lowering so great if you want a low bus as the rear is notched ready.

It needs only a small amount of welding to finish so not the normal 6” of rotting steel.
It wanted half a cab but as I wanted this bus mint Iv fully removed it and will come supplied with a correct fit OE quality cab floor panel.
It wants a few little patches and a battery tray to make fully solid.
Iv repaired the lower windscreen channel as that was rotted out so all new steel went in and left all the patina on the outside.
I then fitted a genuine Vw screen seal and used genuine windscreen.

As said the bus is super sold and will make one hell of bus when finished just needs the right person to complete it.

It was a rolling bus when I bought it so most bits are there to complete and the rare bits missing Iv managed find from various place round the world.

It’s missing a loom (available to buy off the shelf)
It will want a gearbox and engine and lost of small parts along the way while building it back up.

It does come with most parts as said so.......
All glass (genuine Vw)
Rear bumper (getting very hard to find now)
Front bumper
Genuine steel original paint nose badge
Genuine rear badge
Hella headlight
Hella front indicators
New old stock front wipers (super rare for this model year)
Hella side markers front and rear (very rare)
All handles and locks
1 genuine key and ingnition barrel
Original dash
Original front grille
Original fuel tank and awesome cap
5x 14” Wide 5 Wheels
Original steering wheel
Original front seats
Rear running gear
Drive shafts
Loads of cables etc (I replaced all on my last bus)
Steering box (still fitted)
Front beam for parts and brakes as it’s a late beam. (I used the original beam of it)
Brake lines (all still fitted)
Westfalia 68 only rear hinge cover (rare to find now)
Westfalia 3/4 rock and roll bed
Westfalia side wardrobe
And I’m sure many more other parts.

Back to the bus it’s a very nice straight Original very early bay from Texas so super solid and very rust free (see pics)
It’s a genuine westfalia bus and I have the birth certificate from Volkswagen to prove year and model along with the M codes.

It’s a 1967 built 68 model year and was a one year only bus featuring so many one off parts and loads carried over from a late splitscreen bus like door handle etc.
The bus now sits on castor wheels ready for easy moving and building.

I’m not going to give this away so please no silly offers or dreamers but I will listen to sensible offers over email or text 07595470868.

If weldings not your thing then it can be sorted at an additional cost and to be honest if you want a finished bus or even part finished it can be arranged.

It’s advertised elsewhere also.

Just to get it straight this is not your normal rusty bus and has never been welded before the notches.
It’s on the NOVA and comes with import papers and US title.


[email protected]

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