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Vehicle For Sale 1968 Tintop Early Walkthrough Microbus

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Nov 16, 2010
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Andover, Hampshire
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Ex Microbus
Its time to move on our loved bus Arthur. He is was imported from Sweden approx 12 years ago by the previous owner.
We have added a rock and roĺl rear bench seat and all of the seats are custom upholstered. Still has the original 1600 SP engine
In him which runs ok and was completely overhauled by myself approx 7 years ago. Usual bodywork items need a bit of attention I.e.
Lower side cills, front valance, front crossmember - I have a number of replacement panels which will go with him too. Best to ask
any specific questions or photos direct to myself so I can give a more detailed rundown.
We were looking for around £9300 or nearest sensible offer.







Hi, has this been sold?
Hi guys, the original for sale post was back in 2019 so almost four years ago. I don’t imagine the original poster still looks on here but I may be wrong.

Ozziedog',,,,,,,,, good looking van though for sure. :)
Thread locked as I assume its sold or things have changed.
Hi all,

I have asked Clem to unlock this thread as our bus is now back up for sale again. Since last posted I have had quite a lot of chassis and sill work done. Also the near side central lower skin has been replaced. I have accumulated more repair panels which will go with him and also a louvre window for the sliding door.
The engine still starts and runs fine although it is connected to a temporary fuel can at present as the original tank needs extracting , de-rusting and then re-proofing. I don't believe there are any perforations or leaks, however the amount of internal rust inside it needs addressing before filling it with fuel again.
There is a strip in the rear floor bed that needs welding back in but I have the patch for it.
Although I serviced the brakes a while back they could do with stripping right back and more than likely new cylinders and shoes. Also one of the handbrake cables needs replacing.
I'll post pictures of the work done since the previous pictures tomorrow when I can re-access by photo bucket account.
I like so many others have not got the time any more to devote to his restoration back up to a brilliant bus.

Price reduced to 8k
Hi Rick,

Yes it is. Do you need any further information?

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply!

Do you have any photos of the welding work been carried out.

What is yours location? And what is the price? Many thanks

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