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1969 RHD VW Early Bay Devon Camper Van - For Sale

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Aug 15, 2011
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1969 RHD VW Early Bay Devon Camper Van

Original Devon conversion in neptune blue. Fantastic example of an early bay with a very original interior. Owned for over 10 years with lots of sensitive upgrades and features. Lots spent on improving the running gear (engine, brakes, suspension) and body. Resulting in a very solid bus that drives very well.

Engine: - Engine rebuilt to 1776cc with twin webers, external oil cooling system, MSD distributor, SCAT linkage, electric fuel pump, twin sport exhaust. Built, installed and maintained by VW engine specialist Pete Roberts at Funkenblitz in Portsmouth. Approximately £15k spent on engine and associated parts. Built to cruise on the motorway all day at 60 – 70 miles per hour fully laden up and down hills. Drives exceptionally well.

Bodywork: Doors either restored or replaced with rust free NOS and central body restored and refinished. Over £12k spent on body work and parts.

Interior: All original wood/vinyl/formica interior – cupboard, seats, cushions, table etc.(see pictures for details). This is a fantastic original example of a 1960’s Devon bay window interior.

Other Features:

• Gene berg gear change
• Engine bay fire system installed for safety
• CSP disc brakes with servo assistance
• Sensitively lowered (just a bit to improve handling)
• Modern tyres on original wheels.
• Original fitted Cocomats imported from the USA
• Leisure battery and battery cut-off
• Fuel tank replaced
• Original period radio installed
• Electric washer upgrade
• Soundproofing kit fitted to cabin and inside panels

Owned and used for high days and holidays by the family for the last 10 years and sensitively improved and fully maintained throughout. Not perfect (there are always things to do) but a well sorted 50 year old classic bus with amazing engine and running gear and lots of smiles.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/XSGQEyN

Location: Brighton

Price: £21,000 ONO

Please PM me for more information and pictures.



Oct 15, 2018
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Just wondering if you would have any interest in my 63 type 3 notchback super original condition, og paint, 57000klms, interior exceptional. Can send pics!
Kind regards
[email protected]