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Vehicle For Sale 1969 White Westy For Sale

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May 25, 2011
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W Berks
Ex-USA LHD bus, imported 2011. We have been the only owners since then. Completely solid body, twin port recon 1600 with single carb, has done less than 5000 miles in total.
Stock Westy interior, single roof bed and front hammock both present. One inertia reel and one lap strap on rear seat. Simple leisure battery installation which feeds the interior light and usb and 12v sockets in the front. Non-standard additions are Fifty Six Delux window winder handles and a Vintage Speed shifter, original also included.
She's been lowered slightly, just enough to fit into the garage, with dropped spindles up front, with low profile tyres, and adjustable spring plates at the back. Lovely un-messed-with bus ready to go.
Reluctant sale due to the arrival of a newer vehicle for longer faster trips.
Limited selection of pics from various holidays over the years, anything else you want to see just ask. I can also put you in touch with the local VW specialist who has looked after it throughout.
Located W Berks, close to J13 M4. £16500.


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