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1970 Early Bay RHD Devon Eurovette FOR SALE

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Apr 4, 2016
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This is a UK spec RHD walk-through 1970 Early Bay with a Devon Eurovette Conversion. The body is super straight with original paint –offering plenty of genuine patina. No shiny new paint is hiding any horror repairs and no filler is to be found. The interior is also original with a pull-out double bed, two rear-facing seats, plenty of storage and a Danbury pop-top roof. The bus run perfectly.


Extensive work has recently been carried out including the replacement of the lower 6”s including the rear corners, battery tray, front and rear wheel arches, inner and outer seals and jacking points, repairs to chasis and a replacement cab floor. All work has been carried out using quality parts which have been under-coated with 3M protective paint. The quality of the repair work in top-notch – you will not find any questionable repairs on this bus which is structurally sound and has been stored in a garage since the repair work.


A new Big Bore Super Street 1641cc engine was fitted around 7000 miles ago, since then the bus has been serviced and it runs perfectly. Dual Weber carb has been fitted and an external oil filter for extra cooling. Serviced in August of this year by a reputable mechanic and driven less than 250 miles since to ensure everything mechanically is primed. The bus itself has been lowered - Splines at the back and a beam adjuster at the front. It has KYB Gas Shocks on all corners. The bus sites nicely without impacting the ride quality meaning you can still negotiate a camping field safely!


The bus is an original Devon Eurovette conversion, with two buddy seats with lots of useful cupboard space, pull-out double bed and overhead storage. The roof is a Danbury pop-top with bunk space. The interior matches the exterior – it is honest and original and full of character. There is not a fitted cooker - this was not a feature of this conversion.

Post-Restoration – Patina

My original plans were to complete the restoration by painting the bus. Patina is not really my thing, I prefer shiny new looking buses and everyone I spoke to advise me not to paint it. So I’ve decided to make the bus available giving the potential buyer the option to paint if they wish but I am hoping someone with a love and appreciation of original and genuine patina.

Tax & MOT Exemption

Given the age of the bus it qualifies as historic and as such it is tax and MOT exempt. However for peace of mind the bus was MOt'd in August of this year.














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