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1970 Pearl white Westy LHD California import

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May 4, 2016
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1970 genuine factory Westfalia SO70 Campmobile, with factory option of pop top. California import to the UK in 2008

Factory details:

Model Type 2 (T2) mod. 231(0) :
- Kombi
- Sliding door right
Chassis number 2302245692
Serial number 245 692
Modelyear 1970
Planned production date
Friday, 03 July 1970
Number for production planning
(temporary serial number) 7296
Type of engine Type 1 (B5) - 1584cc, 35 kW (47 bhp DIN)
Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color L87 - Perl White
Remark : Westfalia
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) - Westfalia Campmobile
Destination USA, Washington D.C.

M-Plate content
Model Type 2 (T2) mod. 231(0) :
- Kombi
- Sliding door right
Chassis number 2302245692
Serial number 245 692
Modelyear 1970
Planned production date
Friday, 03 July 1970
Number for production planning
(temporary serial number) 7296
Type of engine Type 1 (B5) - 1584cc, 35 kW (47 bhp DIN)
Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color L87 - Perl White
Remark : Westfalia
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) - Westfalia Campmobile
Destination USA, Washington DC

I am not a weekend mechanic nor a hobbyist and all the work (99%) in my ownership has been carried out by professionals at the top of their game. Everything listed is receipted. We as a family absolutely love this bus and its a real tuff one to sell. We had every intention of this being a 10 year bus hence why spending on all top end upgrades. If you are after a super reliable piece of history that can keep up with modern traffic, thats relatively untouched on the body and interior, then I think you will be hard pressed to get better than this for the money. There is some rust and some bubbling on the rear corners but nothing worrying, underneath is solid, its exactly as we bought it 2 years ago with no worsening. You can see exactly what you are getting with no nasty cover ups that are going to fall apart in a few years.

1776 SSP Engine (Full professional service history with rolling road yearly tune history) Perfectly & gently run in.
Twin Dell DRLA 36’s
CSP Manifolds
MST Serpentine pully set
123 Electronic ignition
CSP Oil filler tower/ breather
CSP Disc brakes Front
CSP Shifter and all new linkages
Bosch Alternator
Recondition steering box
15” Spitscreen steels with BFG All terrain tyres
2 X wheel cylinders Best quality(rear)
New Wiring loom and blade fuse box upgrade (Air-cooled auto elec)
Heat exchangers
Clutch, Accelerator and Handbrake cable
Pop top Canvas
Repro rear seat covers
Window and door seals
Electric washer bottle upgrade
Buttys bits throttle linkage
Just campers tow bar and electrics (Used for trailer & bike rack)
Sliding door guides
Electric washer upgrade
Smith taco
ISP oil temp & Oil pressure gauges
1 key does all locks (3 keys in total)
New battery
Seams and doors wax oiled
New curtains & Cushions

Around 8k maybe a little more of additions to the original add price, not including professional labour charges. All the above are newer than 18 months with around 5k miles come August.

Additionally,not new but certainly reliable and working

Factory Pearle White L87 95% original paint. Professional bare metal respray to rear corners and engine lid with full photographic evidence. Lead loaded and any dents fixed. 100% unrestored original bus, totally honest without filler hiding any nasty's, with only sympathetic bodywork over the years to keep it looking good. Mainly original in the interior and exterior, with quality modern additions to further its use when camping, such as fridgefreezer solar and propex. I deliberatly keep the standard suspension, it will allow you to truly get away on wild camping without problems due to good ground clearance, and the benefit of the off grid electrical system

Factory pop top

Stock height, unmessed with suspension, replacement beam arm HD ball joints on all 4 arms.

25 year Bio Ethanol rated fuel pipework from tank to carbs, along with cunifer copper piping by VW Works. Standard gearbox, gen full replacement driveshafts. New clutch cable,

Bluebird stainless steel stock exhaust

110aH Leisure battery with T-Max digital split charge system

Propex blown air gas heating system

Waeco CR50 12V Compressor marine fridge freezer hidden in original Westfalia cooler unit, running off leisure battery system, but can be run direct from solar only, but better on the battery in the UK I think. Cooker unit and fridge doors with leather tie backs.

2 burner gas/black glass domino hob with 3kw wok burner wok stand included, mounted in Vohringer ply worktop on modified original Westfalia cooler unit

BBQ gas point with pipe run from behind cooler for outside cooking, with quick release coupling. 3 way gas manifold and 4.5kg Calor gas bottle under original buddy seat.

80W roof mounted, fully height adjustable mono-crystal solar panel on alloy brackets fitted on roof rack area, with very good quality MPPT digital display regulator connected to split charge and battery system mounted under the bed. The controls are next to the propex vent, and can be re-routed into the wardrobe, as i was going to hide them once i had finished fully testing the system, (never did move it, as it worked well where it was, but i wanted it tidier..) which works perfectly, running the fridge, and charging both battery's at once via the T Max split charge system, which can also manually link both battery's together if starter battery flat.

Brand new custom made beige wool cab carpet, with contrasting edge trim, including front kick panels, under seat mats , walkthrough and front cab.

Cork flooring and side panels, original mustard Westfalia vinyl

Alloy original spec side step with non slip top treadplate, painted metallic brown with stainless steel fixings, matching paint original metal correct front badge.

Original Louvre windows, new mesh flyscreens, one Original early westy interior seal, not repro

Original rear tailgate mosquito mesh

Original Westfalia 3/4 rock and roll bed, mustard vinyl

Original Westfalia wardrobe and top locker unit, correct 1970 spec buddy seat.

Original radio blank with Sony iPod tray capable radio hidden in glove box

Had work on brakes, both wheel bearings, shoes

Front and rear over riders with high quality replacement rubbers on front and edges.

Near Perfect rear bumper, patina front(Awesome bumper!!)

New rear lights with LED bulbs. Front indicators with LED bulbs

Westy interior light unit, x3 multi SMD LED light packs

Top quality front door seals, sliding door seal, rear window and tailgate seals

Bodywork generally in very good condition, solid underneath with body colour painted Upol Raptor coating on entire underside, rustproofed in cavitys etc. Some slight bubbling to nearside battery tray, off side has been replaced. Some work in future maybe needed on the dog leg and closing panel, but still very solid. Jack points, chassis, sills are all very solid and original. Solid undertrays, with inspection holes let in for future inspection, all solid inside and out. Solid front bellypan. All doors, sliding door, engine lid, rear panel, tailgate are 100% solid, all cavity treated. No filler on the vehicle. Front panel retains it's historical dent, which may be able to be straightened. I had kept this as I wanted to retain some history and character of the vehicle. The new owner could do things differently.

Interior is mainly the original stock Campmobile layout, with just the modified cooler with hob and fridge, wardrobe, bed and front seats are all original in the mustard and beige front seats. The original overhead locker is in place. The drivers seat has a small spilt, but is very good with no tears.
Front and rear seatbelts are custom made aircraft style with chrome clasp and beige webbing. 3 point retractable on the front seats, with 3 way and 2 way fixed belts in the rear.

Bamboo parcel shelf, and matmatz dash top matting. Original wooden roof with decoupage vintage surf memorabilia stuck and sealed over - did this years back (virtually before everyone else!) Gives the interior a unique finish. The wood is easily replaceable if needed.

The bus is fully soundproofed on all panels available, sides, doors, tailgate, under bed section, and is then insulated. All the doors close well without the tinny clang sound normally associated. No exterior panel vibration due to the soundproofing, if you tap the doors/side with your knuckles, its a dull thud. There is thick soundproof underlay under the cab mat, this could be replaced with similar product that i used everywhere else.

I have photo history of absolutely all of the work carried out to the bus from the 8 years of the previous owner including my 2 years. If you log on to the earlybay.com and search Mater from San Lorenzo you will find a very detailed 10 year history

Thanks for looking

22k Ono

[email protected]

I may be interested in a PX with the right T3 Syncro or T3 Joker (LHD, TDi are a preference). Will be going to busfest this September as a day ticket only however the bus will be nearby.
Still for sale.Given what was for sale at Busfest this is 5k cheaper than I should be asking. No horrible cover ups here :)
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