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1970 RHD with Westy roof

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Paplo 66

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Nov 3, 2009
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Built '69 registered 01/1970
Imported from Idaho and registered in the UK 2016.
Was originally LHD, sunroof microbus, now professionally converted to RHD. All welding/panels done, new paintwork and Westfailia roof.
A lot of time and money has gone into restoring this bus to a high standard.
The cargo area is ready for the new owner to fit to their specification.

Rebuilt 1.6 engine.
No end float, new B&P's new German heads, new carb, new exhaust, new NOS pierburg fuel pump, flame thrower coil, new clutch, recon. engine support bar, fuel lines and filter, usual service parts; plugs, points, rotor and dissy cap, leads, manifold boots, oil, etc.
Premium vetech battery.
Inner and outer wheel bearings on all corners.
4x new shocks.
4x front ball joints.
New centre steering pin.
new steering dampener.
N/S rear stub axel.
All gear shift bushes.
Accelerator linkage and cable.
Brake shoes all round.
Brake master cylinder and switch.
2x handbrake cables, various flexi and solid pipes.
Track rod ends.
Recon. steering box.
Gear box:
Has had work to gear selectors behind the nose cone, fitted with later bell housing and starter motor, fresh oil.
New H4 front headlights and surrounds.
New number plates.
New hub caps.
Deluxe front VW emblem.
Lock mechanisms replaced on both cab doors.
New window rubbers and door seals.
New rear bumper and 2x mounts.
New 2x seatbelts.
Westy roof with new canvas.
Fully undersealed.
Cab area:
The whole of the cab area has been replaced...
Dash/dashtop and switches.
Fresh air vents and mechanisms.
69 wiring loom and fuse box.
Steering collumn housing, wheel and ignition/key.
Late US spec Karmann Ghia seats (or so I was told) recovered and mounted.
Kick panels.
TMI door cards and clips, etc.
Under seat mats.
Wrap around mats.
Rubber floor mat and walk through mat.
New glovebox and lid.
EMPI gear shifter.
Stock height.
I'm sure there's a lot I've forgotten .. :confused:

Opening front quarter lights
Blue tinted sun strip on windscreen.

1 years MOT, no advisories, V5 in my name.
Solid vehicle, starts and drives perfectly.
I will go into further detail about the work/restoration of the bus with anyone that calls.
£11k no offers, swaps or px's.
Call Paul on 07975 973134
Kettering, Northants.

Ignore detes, pic's taken 22nd July

DSC00967 by Pablo912, on Flickr
DSC00968 by Pablo912, on Flickr
DSC00973 by Pablo912, on Flickr
DSC00970 by Pablo912, on Flickr
DSC00976 by Pablo912, on Flickr

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