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1970 Westfalia Early Bay elevating roof(sold)

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Oct 5, 2006
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Really nice original paint Bay with complete Westy interior inc. buddy seat walk through.
Arrived from Michigan USA with all taxes paid etc.
1600cc S/p with empi exhaust 12v which drives really well. Needs to be gone through but looking underneath only two areas needing plates for the welding side of things,great project to get ready for the show season.
Needs hammock material in roof and has a few holes in canvas on pop top. Has cab hammock so sleeps four & even has curtains. All other parts on bus ie. locks, lights, glass lenses etc. etc. all there inc. rear fly screen.
It has a gas heater fitted, but best to remove this. All connected underneath with pipes in engine area and cab. No damage to dash etc. but still there and pipes easily removed.
Cab area really nice with freshly covered cab seats and all panels there. Freshly painted 14" wheels but needs 2 tyres. The pass side rear corner has had a small repair but the whole corner has been painted in a completely different shade which is mad. I am in the process of taking it back and blowing it in correctly.
Engine lid has loads of patina but saying that so has the whole bus. Original sills inc. wheel arches cab floor etc. Underneath needs a good wire brushing and sealing or even painting white. Cab doors and slider has great shuts.
Very hard to come across and so much potential. If it doesn't sell I will MOT it at a later date and register it for the summer

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