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1971 Early Bay for Sale. USA Import LHD

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Dec 14, 2015
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VW T2 early bay window 1971 LHD, USA import.

Perfect campervan ready for the summer with zero work needed this bus is cheap to insure and costs nothing to tax.

I am regrettably selling my cherished bay window due to needing something to commute and sadly this isn't getting used as much I would have liked.
This bus was initially registered in Washington, USA but was brought over to the UK from California. My bus has had lots of love and attention and you will agree that no expense has been spared. Receipts can be shown on request.

New items that I have had Installed professionally:

New interior from the front seats rearwards, including thermal lining and sound proofing.
New flooring
Leisure battery with charging points installed
Upgraded to an electric window washer pump
New curtains and curtain rail
Full engine rebuild to 1641cc
New twin Empi exhaust
Complete anti-rust coating on the chassis
Engine service
New LED headlight conversion
New 3 point seatbelts in the front
Empi shifter
New headlining
New clutch less that 1000 miles ago
New accelerator cable
New oil sensor.
New fuel pump
New distributor
New carb

The list continues, as you will see on the photos the only that I have not renewed, ugraded or altered is the exterior. Patina looks by far the best in my opinion.

Agreed insurance valuation £19000, sensible offers welcome.
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