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1971 Lowered early bay.

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Tommy D

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Nov 30, 2009
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£3500 firm as thats what she owes me and easy money for a mot'd half decent early bay!

Before you read on, she needs an engine. none included dude to blowing.

I have lost my storage and now old have a bug sized space, so may consider px's/swaps.

i will get you some pics when i can miss the rain aha!

it needs a sill repair ideally as it has had a replacement fitted... kinda... which was never actually fully welded in! (replacement panel over old panel)

bottom 6" of front panel has been done as well as loads of repairs. 2 big repair in the ps rear arch. a guy came to view and said it was patchoverpatch and when i showed him he recalled the comment as the are just patches of origional steel lol idiot.

it needs a good undersealing as its got surface rust under neath similar to the california buses but a little more british :) (no corrosion or hole though)

cab floors and load floor etc are rust free.

all new brakes right from the disks to the calipers to the hoses to the master cylinder etc £££'s spent!

even more £££'s spent tracking down 1 year old bits! which you will not have to do now!

electrically all it needs is an earlybay indicator stalk, these connections are currently on switches on the dash from the factory loom so quick fitting :)

Audi leather seats

rock and roll bed with corner couch

pop to has a couple rips but could be sewn up easily.

the front door lines at the front are not too good but i have got the doors to shut perfect.

few bubbly patches on the gutters not nothing thats gone through.

paint is rollered rustoleum which looks miles better than the paint i had on it when i bought her last november off a farmer.

It had been in a lockup on a farm for over 10years and was nice and dry when i bought her!

origional Reg and birth certificate.

Mot and Tax free until May 2011

Dont get me wrong shes not a minter but not an a state either... could do with couple repairs to put 'mint' or you could pop and engine in and go!

i was using her daily for a couple months before winter kicked in and did bits to make her usable.

Lowered on adjusters and 2 splines on rear with wheels and tyres to suit. no scrubbage at all.

new supension to suit.

origional headlining with a couple holes, origional conversion over head locker.

full set of door cards and panels.

see the pics i have for mods etc.

i dont want to waste anyones time coming over and the you not being happy, so ask away and ill answer as best as possible.

South manchester btw.

i have a complete 1500single port you can have with it but needs a rebuild.

I have lost my storage and now old have a bug sized space, so may consider px's/swaps.

Cheers tommy
07980 250 645




that pic was before the rest of the interior was fitted.


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