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1971 RHD UK Bay Window - Danbury Poptop Camper PROJECT

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71 Danbury

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Nov 29, 2014
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Van is now SOLD by the first to view.

The time has come for me and my long term resto project to part ways. Baby on the way and an impending house move are my loss but could definitely be your gain.

1971 UK RHD Early small 5 Bay Window Camper Project

Very early crossover so benefits from small rear lights, early rear vents, early bumpers, low indicators but with front discs and small 5 wheels.

Bottom 6 inch replacement has been completed including but not limited to:

Jacking points
Chassis rails
Front arches
Rear arch outers
Front deformation panel
lower part of front panel (below headlight bowls)
Rear corners
Inner and Outer sills
Battery tray

Internal welding and repairs:
Front Seatbelt points
Patches to front floorpan
Patches to walk-through dividers

The interior has been completely stripped and stored in garage since removal. It's condition is OK but not great but could be used as a template for any replacements. The Danbury interior is complete including:-
Sliding box 'seats'
Sink unit
3/4 width seat unit
Table top
Original interior panels
Upper storage unit (fits around tailgate hinges)
All cushions
Silent Gliss curtain rails
Drivers seat
Passenger seat

All glass has been removed and stored. All glass is original and shows the reg marks of the van.
Rear opening quarterlights were too far gone but I have 2nd hand better condition replacements.
The original headlining was removed and chucked but the metal ribs were kept.
All locks except the fuel flap operate from the single original key (as per factory)

Original 1600SP is installed and tinware is present and correct.
Removable valance is present but not in the best condition.
Original Rear hatch door plus a very good condition additional door.
Sliding door has been cut to remove rot around the window seal, hand made stainless steel replacement piece will be included. Door will definitely need bottom 10 inches replaced inside and out.

The van will come with two brand new cab doors bought from VW before they stopped supplying the correct doors for a 1971.

Poptop fabric is original and has a small tear but this does not prevent operation.
Original poptop bunks included.

Zero miles original style exhaust - fitted 6 years ago as a brand new item!
Van has 6 steel wheels all of which come as part of the sale.

I would love for my Van to be sold to a true enthusiast from this site, I'm looking for £3,000 - I am open to close offers from those of you who take the time to come see the van.

Van will need to be trailered and the accompanying interior would necessitate a van or similar vehicle.

I am super crazy busy at work right now but will try to respond to any PMs or replies within 24 hours ;)

Van is located on the South Coast near Fareham.










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