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1971 T2 Campervan in Neptune Blue - original paint, original engine. Ready to go!

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Apr 23, 2021
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Beautiful, original tin top camper van for sale in excellent condition with original Aircooled engine. Original Neptune Blue paintwork, untouched since 1970s.

A really genuine, solid bus. Has a valid MOT until June, 2022 and will pass without much fuss again. It runs beautifully, ready to go for the summer.

LHD. Originally from the sunshine state of California, we purchased it here in the UK as an import from the US in 2015. It had one other owner in California since 1971. Its California history and the care that has been taken with this van over the years means that the engine is in great condition.

Every garage we have taken this van to comments on how beautiful the van is underneath. It’s rare to get a 1971 bus with an original engine in this kind of condition.

Detailed paperwork available, with van history from California through to Scotland, with receipts from various services in California. Stickers on the van’s bumper show the previous owner’s travel history, including a Honolulu sticker.

VAT & MOT exempt, but we have had regular MOTs and services, with the current MOT valid until 8/6/2022.

Original paintwork, untouched, unsprayed. Beautiful patina. Some bubbling and rusting, as is expected with a van of this age. But we didn’t want to touch up the original paintwork.

Much of the original interior has been kept, with cupboards, storage, sink & cooler box all present. Front seats and rock and roll bed have been replaced to make it comfortable and ready for trips away. The seats have a cream leather finish with a blue trim, matching the Neptune Blue paint work of the van. The rear-facing seat has been fitted with an Isofix so that it is safe to take car seats for little ones. Floor lino is a blue and white check. Curtains are a beautiful burnt orange colour, provided by VW Camper. The curtains also have a black out lining - really useful for the long, light days of summer (especially in Scotland!).

Front windscreen was replaced with a rare blue top tint windscreen which looks amazing with the van colour.

We got the ever reliable VW Aircooled Works to fit a solenoid kit with ‘fit and forget’ fuel lines, as well as a VWACW Fireboy Suppression system with LED in the dash, to support the Aircooled engine. We also had a hidden immobiliser switch added for security.

We are selling as our family is growing and with our kids around, we don’t get out as much as this bus deserves. This is a special, honest little bus that has been a wonderful addition to our family over the past years. We want it to go to a loving home.

Happy to answer questions or send more photos for anyone seriously considering a purchase. Based in Edinburgh for anyone wanting to view the van.

Asking price: £16,750


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Feb 17, 2022
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Hi, what's it like underbody? looks like a bit of surface rust on the topside, which is fine for me a little character.
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Apr 23, 2021
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It's really solid underneath. Like I said, it's something that each garage we've taken it to has commented on, noting how clean it is.
Come view if you like!

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