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Sold 1971 US Import Tin Top

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Jun 21, 2022
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Tin Top
It's time to sell my Baywindow to make way for a new project, and I'm asking £14,000 ono

It's an excellent US import with some very original features.

I've left it "desert found" and a bit ratty, but if you wanted to make it a stock show winner, it's a great car to start this process.

Structurally it's very solid. The main repair area was the passenger cab floor, which was restored using a Classic Fab panel. There are some cosmetic repairs to be done if you wish, but I've left them because it's dry stored and I like the look of the original rust!

I've done lots to it and will sell the van loaded with parts.

You'll get:​

  • The original beam and trailing arms
  • A selection of new rubbers and scrappers I didn't get around to install
  • An Ozzy truck mirror that came with it but took it off (still has the holes on the door for it)
  • The original steel wheels Original glass where the louvred window goes
  • Roof rack
  • Selection of old door cards and interior trim, including another front seat
  • A box of general stuff (I'll go through it to be more specific)
  • Modern stereo and some good (small) JBL speakers
I'd like to sell the van with all the bits I have to save me selling the nick-knacks, its boxed and ready to go

What's been done?

I've had the car for some years and have looked after it. It's been an ongoing project and wanted all the bits to be done properly, so have taken my time and not bought shite. It would suit someone who wants to tinker and keep it alive; an enthusiast who knows about these cars. You will be pleasantly surprised by the vehicle and can drive it away (it's MOTed).

Here are a few bits that I've done:
  • Fuel tank and sender overhaul
  • Engine out (a few times) to perform the usual maintenance, including new carb - if you're that way inclined you can get this engine out in an hour!
  • Front and back brake overhaul
  • Front end overhaul (when it was lowered)
  • Wheel bearings + new wheels & tires
If you're interested, get in touch and come and have a good look. I'm located in the Iver, Bucks area.

PM me for more info.


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Feb 1, 2022
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Hi, is this still available? Please update

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