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Vehicle For Sale 1974 Late Bay for sale (unfinished project) 6500 ono

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Apr 5, 2022
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After 1972
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Late bay Danbury
Reluctantly (as everyone says) I'm selling a project that's never going to get completed. 6500 ono

1974 Bay Window (Devon pop top with the concertina fabric and fabric bunks)

Owned for approx 10 years, lots of work completed, but of course unfinished. (Front was new, just literally had the wheel refurbed last sept 22 with 4x new tyres)
Most things present to reassemble it, just put some fresh braided fuel pipes on it.
Roof had blistered (was in a small outbuilding and got very warm one year unfortunately)

Viewing welcomed at my garage. Can be contacted by email or whatsapp. 07934511225, [email protected]bay1.jpg bay2.jpg bay3.jpg bay4.jpg

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