4 wheel alignment/tracking near Bristol/Bath

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Mar 28, 2007
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A few of you guys are based around Bristol, can anyone recommend a garage who are happy to undertake 4 wheel alighnment on a slightly lowered T2?

I'm the other side of Bath but the places I've approached in my immediate neighbourhood have said thay can't or won't do it, so I may need to travel farther afield.
Like @Clem in the past I always used a local "Old School Garage"...

However, I needed front tyres replacing just before a planned trip away - Options were limited and despite hearing bad things about them, I reluctantly booked it into a local Kwik Fit.

It turned out to be really good experience - Yes, I know - I've also heard the stories about other faults just being found when you go to have one thing done and it turns into three.

But - Tracking; The lad showed me on the monitor they have in the waiting area that my right wheel was out of alignment; I already knew this as my bus had a little bit of drift after hitting a pothole.

Anyway, he re-aligned it and the steering was way better.

So, would I have thought about using them before this? Or even after this?

Honestly, if other local options were available, then probably not;
Maybe I was just lucky with the lad who did the work.
Thanks guys,

I here what you're saying @Walt but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it! I vowed never to spend any money with Kwick Fit again after getting shafted by them away from home once when I had no option but to use them,

I think often experiences at these places is based heavily on the individual you're dealing with, it's fair to say some people are more honest and customer focused than others ;)

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