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Vehicle For Sale 71 Tintop Delux LHD

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Jun 15, 2010
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Hi all, time has come to sell my bay. LHD 71 Tintop Delux.
She is not perfect but solid and has just passed MOT.
Engine has been replaced with. Vege
1600 SP with twin carbs and electronic ignition timing, fitted by Jeffs VW shack in Bristol.
Stainless exhaust, new front brakes. Think the clutch is slipping and I might well get this fixed if I get round to it but price is for her as she is.

Rock and roll bed (full width apart from the internal spare wheel), sleeps 2 comfortably. Thermo mats for warmth and privacy. Inside is basic

Body work is painted florida blue with cream roof. Has had new doors and tubs, also fitted by Jeff in Bristol. There is some areas needing attention, particularly the rear seam on drivers side and the cover for the sliding door mechanism.

I want £15k but will happily take more :cool:

Tiki's original life was in North California, the guy I bought from imported in about 2008 (I will need to dig out and check the paperwork to be sure.). Now residing in Hereford.


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