Bolivian 1968 Velvet Green Crewcab

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Graham L

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Jan 19, 2008
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So thought I'd better put some pictures up of what will eventually become the 'daily', decided in mid 2020 that the T6 was an expensive vehicle to use as a daily so started to look for something more appropriate to use, in September 2020 Matt Smith posted pictures of a 68 Velvet Green 68 that had just arrived so it had to be done. 2407A9BE-8DF6-4337-9DCD-0A07D5E152EA.jpeg
The scene when arriving to collect him from Matts in cornwall
Loaded & ready to head back to the midlands

So the plan started for the rebuild, it was as solid as a US import but had some of the usual issues, front doglegs, back of front arches etc, these were working vehicles in Bolivia and according to the hologram sticker on the screen this was still on the road and in use in 2010 and maybe later as the previous inspection sticker was from 5 years earlier.

The plan from day one was always to keep this stock and run slightly bigger tyres (the first bus we had ever built that wasnt going to be lowered)
5B8FD39E-AFAD-4400-8AD6-2A740C2AA7B3_1_105_c.jpeg So the Maxxis Worm Drives in 195R14's were acquired, wanted to stick with the og wheels and this is the biggest size you can get without going to 15's, so once the rims had been powdercoated in Anthracite (its an MEB thing) tyres were on and fitted before anything else had been done, stance is all important 🤣🤣
FADAAEB7-BD79-48D3-854B-09C6DBC0DC1E_1_105_c.jpeg ECA0233F-FE90-4BBA-B614-E3E9E86B21C2_1_105_c.jpeg

More pics and story to follow