Buying parts from Europe (CSP?) and shipping to UK

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Apr 19, 2012
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North East

I've been looking to buy some CSP drums (Front and Rear) and checked out the usual UK stockists - Rear ones are around £350, fronts £340;

When I checked directly with CSP in Germany they are 301.31 Euros posted...

1718120008869.png 1718120036640.png

So, are my following calculations correct??
- If I add on the import duty of 20% (VAT??), this takes it to 361 euros;
- Converting from Euro to GBP is...


So comparing them, call it £304 direct from CSP or £350 from within UK.
That's £45 cheaper buying it direct?

If I also add in buying the Rear Drums and do the same maths, in total it's a £97 saving.

1) Are my calculations correct? Have I calculated the import duty correctly? (20%)
2) Has anyone recently bought directly from CSP and shipped to the UK?



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Plus you’ll likely be taxed on the shipping costs too .
Make sure they’ll definitely sell direct to you, lots of places don’t ship to the UK privately now due to the aggro.
I bought a 123 dizzy from CSP, well and truly had my hat nailed on with import duty. Can’t find the invoice, but it was easily more than a 1/4 of the overall price.

Wish I had paid a little bit more via a UK seller to avoid the duty.

Never again, lesson learnt 🙈
I buy from Europe all the time, expect to be charged 20% on the total invoice value including the shipping charges. The local courier may charge you handling also but this is nominal depending on weight. Like everything shop around and if things add up in your favour go for it.
Thanks everyone for the info.

I have previously made non-vw purchases from Europe & the US; It seemed to vary on what/when duty was applied.

Anyway - Now sorted; I've bought both CSP Front/Rear drums from UK.