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Apr 19, 2012
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North East

So anyone with a Fire pit - Any recommendations on...
1) What brand/how much fuel you using to BBQ with?
2) What brand wood you using when just having it as a fire?

Looking for something smokeless, as although I'll be in the van, others nearby will be slumming it in tents.

Hi Steve,
Compressed wood logs, available from large superstores. They seem to work well as far as smoke is concerned.

J & P

I use a small four legged mesh type fire now as they take up so little space. I copied Jonathan above. I used to take a washing machine drum. Not really been able to cook on it because it’s quite light weight . Might be able to do late night jacket spuds in foil underneath though but haven’t tried it yet. I am the local recycle centre in my end of the street and locals drop off pallets and manky fence panels etc in the lane out the back. I use pallets cut up and old decking etc but can’t burn anything too large. If my fire starts to smoke, I pop on a couple of small pieces of dry fence panel that will burst into flames almost within a minute and sort out any smoke issues. Anything larger like the chumps from in between the pallets, I put on the ground under the fire and wait for them to start smoking then they can go on the fire and burn straight off.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,interspersed with copious amounts of Stella :)
...........Remember the time @ozziedog burnt his new dining table and chairs..........
You might have that bit just a tiny bit out of kilter. Mrs Ozziedog has a new table and chairs (another) and i repurposed the ‘old’ table and chairs for firewood. We’ve had several since. Weirdly,,, just could not give away this fab pine table and chairs even though it had cost a not unsubstantial amount of moolah just an extremely short time frame previously . I think we’ve had three or possibly four (or more) since then. The current Oak dining table is strangely falling out of favour and looks soon to be a distant memory. Unfortunately his leg layout now no longer meets with Mrs Ozziedog s approval so his time with us will be cut short as soon as his usurper attracts Mrs Ozziedog s attention.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, More firewood maybe ??? :)

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