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For Sale 68 Westfalia tin top in OG paint £12,500

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Apr 9, 2012
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London/Kent, UK
Imported from LA, solid dry bus. MOT until April 2017.
Original paint, a few sunburnt patches, no filler so you won't find any horrors.
New window rubbers
Body wise it's stock
Has had cab floor replaced where required.
Slight damage to off side front arch, general knocks and scratches
Original Westy interior, but missing sink unit
Un-cut dash
Original, correct '68 only rear view mirror & wipers
Berg shifter
Autometer monster tacho
Sun Pro oil pressure & temp gauges
Jail bars on rear window
New front & rear seat belts
Completely new break system
Butty's bits throttle kit

1600 twinport, stock inside but...
Twin Webber 40mm IDF Carbs
CSP bell crank carb linkage
Manifolds are unknown
Idle jets are 50's enlarged to 60's
New 044 Cylinder Head 85.5mm (Manufacturer: JOPEX) 35.5mm Stainless Steel exhaust valves & 40mm Stainless Steel intake valves.
Vintage Speed Exhaust
Powerspark electronic Ignition module
Bosch Super Premium HT leads
55amp Alternator with built in regulator
36HP fan shroud, but kept the standard oil cooler.

While it's not a traffic light king it cruises lovely on the motorway with plenty of grunt to overtake when needed.


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