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For Sale, Devon single bunk

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Jan 24, 2010
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East Brizzal
Hi guys and gals, I got a single bunk for sale to go above window height and in the space in the pop top. It's approx two metres long maybe a tad less, it's 50cm wide at one end and 80cm wide at the other end again approx. It's in great condition and I've cleaned it up a bit with the idea of fitting it for one of the little guys. This will not fit very easily into a late bay roof, it's from a 69 - 76 Devon and as I've got a seriously late bay Devon on mine, well it's turned into an ass ache. This roof bunk stretcher comes with a rubberised canvas type of material in a stunning British Racing Green and the brackets for each end are painted in cold galvanised type of paint as are the two metal bits , one that fits to the roof of the van and one that looks like a chunk of gas main, I've only painted the ends of these. I also have the covers that fit behind the bed fixing and form a stretcher cover to wrap the bed away, I got two of these, one has a small tear on the back (unseen) just under an inch long. Both of these have never been washed or cleaned ever never ever and look resplendent in their coating of grime. All the press stud bits are on there and I guess they'd shine up if you were that way inclined, you could also wash the covers if you felt the urge.

For the bed and brackets £150.00
Nicer cover £20.00
Other cover£10.00

It's too orrible to post all long and gangly so it's pick up in Bristol if you want it or I can take to Malvern in a couple of weeks at Busfest. Nice bed reckon it would carry a large teen or a small adult, something of my size would make it quake and tremble.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, Whatever :mrgreen: