Help Installing the Brake Pedal Return Spring (RHD)

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cunning plan

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Jul 15, 2008
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Northampton and Wisbech
Please could anyone help with fitting the brake pedal return spring on a RHD Early? ('68).

So, all ready to be refitted:

Offered up in place:

There does not seem to be enough space to fit the spring between the pedal 'lower leaver' and the chassis mount, it would be very tight, so much as it would just bind and rub.

Also, I cannot get the spring into the hole at the top of the chassis mount (circled in green), it does not seem long enough and ends up around where the purple line is.

I was at a show on Sunday and there was a LHD Earlybay there, not sure what year it was though, however, as it was standard height, I took the opportunity to have a look at how their pedal spring was mounted:

They seem to have a spring with a longer 'end' which can reach the hole at the top of the chassis mount.

So, I checked if I had the correct spring and it seems I do:

Am I supposed to bend the spring out to create the little arm that goes up to the hole in the chassis mount?

Any ideas?


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