Inaccessible Battery Terminals?

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Thanks Nigel, the link sadly doesn’t work.
My industrial engine had a hand crank and crank pulley, unfortunately it didn’t fit with the engine mount so I let it go.

Are you referring to the following links or some other?
Why would a VW 1600 Type 2 engine mount be in the way of a hand-cranked. engine starting handle!?!

My father also had a flanged starting-handle dog made, with three attachment holes, to fasten to the crankshaft of the VW 17/1800 Type 4 style air-cooled engine, with the crankshaft-mounted cooling fan. I have yet to learn whether the VW Type 4 style air-cooled industrial engine had this facility, but it would have been useful in the military application, as the motorised limber of the NATO 155 mm field-artillery howitzer.

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