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Yoy the Boy

Jun 4, 2022
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Dormobile camper
Hi all,
I'm in a bit if a predicament. On holiday with the family in Emily my 1970 Dormobile and we've mislaid the keys as a result of losing my fleece. I've had a spare key for doors and ignition sent to the campsite but I still cannot access the fuel tank because of the hk locking filler cap. Does anyone know a workaround? I will need fuel to get from near Ilfracombe to near Stratford on Avon, a journey that must start Saturday morning.
Thanks and fingers crossed, Jules
Whack a big flat head screw driver into the cap lock.
You’ll wreck the lock but at least you can get the cap off and fuel in.
Thanks Ben! That's pretty much what I did. A small /medium flat screwdriver and a rubber mallet made short work of the brass like barrel. The lock was overcome but the cap still seals so remains in use. Problem solved.
Glad you got it sorted. We're the green bus with the matching (ish) keys.

I'd got a spare for the one I gave you so no need to post that back if you got it out!

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