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Aug 21, 2020
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Hey folks. Well once again i have a matter of interest (i know ha) and this time its what's folks views on those parts like safari windows for Bays, bluetooth distributors etc etc, (actually what other gadgets and modern parts are there these days which improve things ?, Are you a yeah lets get them on or are you a no way i love our buses how they came from the factory type of folk ? I think for me I'm all for making things run the best way possible but as long as its hidden or looks factory like. As for things like safari windows, well. The back rear window I'm not going to lie, i would love one not just because they look cool but i think it would be good to air out the back of the bus etc etc. Those front safaris though i have seen on Bays, well il pass because i can see me driving along one hand on the window and one on the steering wheel and when someone asks me, what am i doing ? il just say I'm scared it might fall off and them thinking okaaay as you were Gaz as you were 😕😆 like a scene from Some mothers do av em and no, i can see leaks coming in, window smashing and all kinds of bad ha aaand not to mention the price 😲. So what do we think ? Anything caught your eyes and thought i want that for my bus ? 🤙
intermittent wiper switch upgrade
H4 headlights, LED bulbs.

I do have a Winterburn CDI and CB black box on my type 3 with a 1968cc motor and it has been a nice improvement for drivability with the Dellortos and not having chokes, It provides some modern tuning ability from a laptop
Original….but by choice as it was the cheapest option and most of what I had to rebuild was what came originally. So as much as I’d like to improve - in the end it just worked out that way. Would love discs and a bigger engine.
Maybe next time around.
intermittent wiper switch upgrade
H4 headlights, LED bulbs.

I do have a Winterburn CDI and CB black box on my type 3 with a 1968cc motor and it has been a nice improvement for drivability with the Dellortos and not having chokes, It provides some modern tuning ability from a laptop

Alternatively, you could have a rain-sensing, variable-interval, intermittent windscreen-wiper controller




Refer to the following article for more details:

Nigel A. Skeet, "Rain Tracker™ RT-50, Universal, Rain-Sensing, Automatic Windscreen-Wiper Controller", Transporter Talk, Issue 77, June 2005, Pages 38~43.




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I prefer, subtle additions, but aftermarket technology has come a long way since our buses rolled off the production line.

Intermittent wipers, electric window washer, hot start relay, are all useful fit and forget items, and there are many others things I’ve done to improve reliability and drivability.

Distributors have come a long way, I’ve tried plenty over the years but nothing compares to the flexibility I now have with the 123 Bluetooth Tune+

I try to keep the van as stock as possible, but I’m not going to cut my nose off to spite my face trying to use poorly made repro stuff thinking it was as well made as things were back in the day.
“Alternatively, you could have a rain-sensing, variable-interval, intermittent windscreen-wiper controller…”

If I could locate one that was also free-range, cruelty-free, whole-grain, locally-sourced, home-schooled, handmade, over-dressed, underweight, high-octane, low-emissions, stainless-steel and gluten-free, then I’d certainly be interested.
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This is one of the best upgrades ever. It works perfectly, you can't see it and you use the original wiper switch.

J & P
two things with the module: the wires are short to try to put the module under the dash, and buy a decent crimp tool, and ends. Even if I use the crimp with the plastic end, I pull them off and shrink wrap the end instead. Those things are just cheesy looking
After driving home through Birmingham in a monsoon, then intermittent rain it has kick-started my need for that wiper relay lol
So today is my day of reading about relays. I’ve just ordered a hot start relay… do I need one for my wipers? Not too fussed on intermittent. Less wires under dash for me please.
One of the more significant changes for me recently has been to remove the cool box from my 1970 Westy camper. I put in a small fridge instead and I really like having the convenience of having the fridge as opposed to using ice packs. I did use the cool box for a long time but obviously a fridge means not needing any ice packs. However, it was quite a bit of work and money to do this modification. I have also ended up installing a solar panel, and a new bigger LB to cope with the fridge.

I don't use an electric hook up at campsites, as I like to be able to set up in basic camp sites or occasionally wild camp.
I'm glad the look is just as original.

I stopped using the Westy water container a long time ago after it sprung a leak, which meant taking everything out to get the floor out to dry. So losing that was no big problem for me. I have a smaller 5 litre water container that I fill up at the campsite. This is wired up to a submersible pump and fed to the sink tap.
I did like the old school simplicity of using the cool box though, and just swapping the ice packs. Very low tech.:)
I love my (Berlin) Westy Interior for its simplicity including the cool box. It does have an electrical element that works off 12v & 240v but I prefer to put 4 small bottles of iced water in it and the beers stay cold all weekend no problem, as the ice melts I get cool drinking water..... the water works far better than designated ice packs, I know not why? I even use the water container and electric tap for teeth brushing duties mainly.
We even watched the football on the tv this weekend powered by the van and an aerial only. Quite satisfying being off-grid isn't it :cool:
The wiper module is a great bit of kit, it’s not only intermittent, it has more speeds other than slow & fast 👍

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Variable-speed & intermittent windscreen-wipers are useful, but one of the most useful safety & ergonomics related upgrades, is to use the 1973~74 VW Type 2, steering-column mounted, combination windcreen wiper & washer stalk-switch, with the single-pass flick-wipe facility!

Having the rain-sensing, automatic intermittent wipe facility, is particularly useful in mist & fog, where the build-up of minute water-droplets on the windscreen, is often mistaken by drivers to be the fog becoming more dense with associated deduction in visibility!