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Aug 21, 2020
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Hey folks. Just a matter of interest, who has more than one bus or own other VW's? Is one enough or are you a you only live once lets have a fleet of them type of folk ? I think when i get more space and money, 1 or maybe 2 more would be cool to add to my 2 VW's at the mo but if i won the lottery then i dread to think ha 🤙.
Right now, it’s just the one. I’ve had a few before to include a 1303 beetle a split in Oz and a very nice green beach buggy, a GP I think.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,a few more would definitely not go unloved here :)
We have also have this (we being the missus but I do all the work on it ) 😂

1960 Swedish import, I’ve recently finished a winter overhaul which included building a fiesty 1600cc with twin 40’s, w110 cam & higher compression etc coupled to a cogbox built Beetle ‘GT’ box. It’s a riot! Not a race car but goes like stink 😂

3 for us, the wife's first car 73 super 2110cc, my 65 square 1968cc I've had 15 years, and the 71 Westy EJ2.5
the furkids sidecar doesn't count
I have my 71 bay, a 54 Oval which I've had since I was 15, just working on getting it together (long term project) My wife has mk1 gp, and a 64 Razoredge. The buggy is on the road, the razor is a rotten mess waiting its turn. Can only find a buggy pic on my laptop. look at @steamandgasoline on Insta for the others.


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