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Nov 12, 2007
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Finally got some photos sorted of my ride.
He's a '68 Microbus imported from Sweden by VW Relics in York about a month before I bought him in November 2006.

Two months after I bought him I was travelling over from Newcastle to Lancashire to do some winter dive training when I blew the engine. Maaaaaan, Oil all down the M6. Whoever had the bus before it was imported had replaced no. 3 piston on it's own with a flat crown type instead of a dished crown so it had been running higher compression. It's an early single port 1600 so no dog house to help keep sad old no.3 chilled. Blew a whole straight through the side of no.3, pressurised the crankcase, lost all my oil and sent bits of aluminium all round my vitals!!!
Spent the week after Christmas pulling and stripping the engine, then it was off to Laurie Petit to align bore the case, oversize bearings, new cam, and full flow. A new set of barrels and pistons, re faced original single port heads and lots of hours fettling with a good dose of help from Jay at BugShop in Newcastle and the engine was sorted.
In it went with a new clutch, EMPI single quiet pack and new heat exchangers,

a Pertronix Ignitor 1 kit, flamethrower coil and leads and away we went.

If you look to the left of the engine bay in the picture above you canjust make out the original cold weather fit Eberspacher. NICE!!!

Spent the next few months driving around with the bench seats still in while I decided how I was gonna build an interior. That was fitted in June '06.

Stan now looks like this:


Since this was taken he has his bumper back and has had two new Mitsubishi Evo 9 seats fitted upfront.


This is my home built interior.

So, that's where we're at now. Next on the list is a bit of tickling with a welder to sort his arches out and the outer sill on the sliding door side, lowering,a nice set of Flat 4 Sprint stars and a rack I reckon.
Hope you like him as much as I do.

Cheers folks.
The thing about the lowering job, well, what's the consensus on the best way, drop spindles vs adjusters vs both.
Next question, how low for a sensible but sexy ride and what tyres?
Any help would go down well.

Later....... :D

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