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Jul 5, 2021
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Planning to fit new bumpers, starting the rear first.
Have selected the parts from Schofield but would need to finish them.
are they powdercoated?
Or painted?
It it DIYable?

I’ve currently got an old Split bumper on there I think so will need the irons and fixings as well.
If it was me Ben, and I was spending that sort of money, I’d want to get them powder coated so that the inner face is also done.

I recently redid my front bumper after pranging the underside of the centre section (and part of the lower valance 🙈) so decided to take all 3 sections back to bare metal (inner / outer) prime and spray. I wouldn’t have wanted to spray all that with rattle cans for sure.

So by the time you’ve factored in paint / hardener / thinners / compressor / gun / mask / overalls and somewhere to create a booth, it becomes an expensive DIY job. If you’ve haven’t got the equipment,

I only needed L581 paint, and plastic sheeting to create a booth in my garage, I already had L620 for the lower front valance.

I’ll be redoing my back bumper in the same way over the winter, there’s too much “under the surface” damage on mine to get them powder coated.

Alternatively, you could take to a body shop and get them to spray up.

Either way, for that sort of outlay you want them to be spot on 👍 and after reading your gallery I’m sure they will be 😉

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