No gen light or oil pressure light !

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May 8, 2014
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herne bay
Afternoon all
Bit of an issue with the bus I have no gen light or oil pressure light when i turn on ? 55amp Alternator conversion with a new regulator new earth's to back of dash I have oil pressure as pressure gauge tells me so. I've done some welding on it and forgot to disconnect battery so I think I fried the regulator so I put a new one in it. It's starts on the button all lights/indicators/wipers etc work but not getting lights for gen/oil and indicator light on the dash doesn't work but exterior indicators do work ?
No volts coming out of the spade connector on the alternator and only 11.8v off the main positive which I think is just the battery power ?
Could I have buggered the alternator completely and thus going to need a complete new one ??
Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's doing my head in 🤬🤬
Cheers si
Not too sure - but this might help.
Thanks for that all sorted now with the above info and sparkywig, should of realised really !! 🤦🤦 Now to get it all back together and out on the road 👍👍