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November 1967 Westfalia........SOLD

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Feb 24, 2013
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Yes, the last add was pants but I'll give it the bigger picture as ive been contacted to say it deserves to be explained so.....

With regret I'm putting up for sale our over ten year build, not for rust I hasten to add, but to source the correct parts to do this bus justice...
My aim was to rebuild to as new condition using none or very little repro parts as possible and to date I believe I've only used TMI door cards and seat coverings.
This was a no expense build, nothing but NOS would do or the best original part I could find.

The body.....wedding wise, one battery tray custom made for me by Rick at Schodfields and two small cab floor pieces done to invisible welds, that's it, body had dents but I took most out to a good level.
All panels fitted to this van were fitted at factory, so it has all its own original rust free body pressings.
It's a tin top in L512 green, van stripped to shell, painted inside, engine bay, outside and under...no underseal was or has been applied , no stone chip either.
Front suspension has been completely renewed to OG, beam retains its original painted number, all parts are as new, all chassis brackets etc have been powder coated and all bolts have been anodised gold, all bolts are correct either Kamax or Verbus and Kipping...detail is all..
NOS steering box has been fitted, not recon, NOS..
For a van that is 40 odd years old it might come as a suprise to find this van retains ALL of its hard line brake pipes as these are like new, amazing....new NOS correct for the year and colour dampers fitted, try finding those....front hubs and drums rebuilt and in amazing condition....all the coverings on the heater pipes have been taken off, cleaned and restitched....same for the rear end...all correct..even the hand brake cables are the original VW logo original refitted as are in great condition.
Fuel tank painted in as best a match as I could get so it's a grey tone...new genuine sender fitted, new fuel from tank to cap fitted which incudes an NOS locking cap and correct NOS fuel door buffers.
Complete custom build by me wiring loom to original spec, all lights front and back are NOS, so are the reversing lights, NOS.
Rear engine lid was rust and dent free and has been fitted with NOS hinges and a NOS locking latch.
Tailgate was like wise, mint and retains its original script and fitting.
This BTW is a one key van, original number not rekeyed and has correct VW Witter keys from the states.
All the side tracks, sliding door, cab doors, front and rear bumpers , arches etc are mint originals..
Both bumpers have NOS small early style overiders with powder coated irons, the rear has a genuine Westfalia tow bar....the bar that Gadget Boy used to reproduce a very good copy which I'm still waiting for the litre of Gordon's ..........
All glass is original, the front has a few scratches but it's there because it's got the VW logo on it, Westy opening windows have had a complete set of seals and a good polish.
All window seals are Wolfsburg West and in my eyes are the best, cab doors have opening quarter lights and NOS door seals.
Front badge is mint OG, no work done to windscreen opening bar a couple of pin holes.
All five Road wheels are dated and correct for this bus, heavy gauge hub caps in chrome.
Has the correct alloyhook up on the side of the van too, again, it's the original one..
Inside was painted and has all it should have in really great condition, a lot of work and time when into ensuring all was as it should be right down to having the sink top remade for me by NLA which he now sells, this for this year is plastic, NOS tap fitted, all new covers as you'd expect, new birch ply roof and rear curved hinge cover, long side ply is one piece, again it's in the detail..side table, jump seat or buddy seat as some call it, stool, rear net in as new condition and all fitting present, cool box is correct and considering the age is in good complete condition.
Floor covering is the correct NOS Lino as it would have had new.......all screws are the screws that came out on strip down, no holes were redrilled.
Cab interior light is NOS as are the sunvisors, now for those that know there vans, these are one year........as is the interior mirror.
Dash is as you would expect apart from the fact the dash foam high over the gauges is like new, no cracks in the build...dash has all the 67 gauges and are marked so.....and the dash clock.....and the speedo cable is marked 67..
Headlight relay and indicater relay are NOS, as is the indicator unit, and the ignition housing, steering wheel is as good as you'll get....
All door furniture is mint and correct, cab mat came from NY and is tear and wear free, this van still has the original ACC pedal mount in the floor and the pedal itself ...
Both heater cables are NOS and correct for this year, glove box is the best I could find so read very nice, all levers and switches are present, NOS pedal rubbers and pedals have been powder coated.
Door cards are Tan as are the cab seats, walk through mat is mint.
Gearbox is the first edition style and original to the bus, the engine is not, it's been rebuild, all tin ware is mint, has correct dizzy for the year, carb, fuel pump and Dynamo is the 38amp 14 volt unit which is NOS and has the correct cast pully, fan cover is not a dog house style, this is single port and all parts are as they would have been.
Has NOS rear bumper splash pans, rear engine valance is mint, all body lines are like factory, so the cab doors shut as they should , not two inches sticking out, these shut flush, in fact when all windows are closed it can be just like a beetle to shut the doors if you know what that's like..
Has the correct front belly pan, the long one, and its mint and straight........reading this you may get an idea of what the van is like and why it took so long....but that's another story.....oh it also has a side canopy of its period, it's a Westy one and you can now buy a repro, but this is an original one in orange, nice to have.
I'm of an age now where I don't want to be crawling around under vans and my legs ain't what they used to be, there are a few bits left to do, fit the NOS master cylinder, fit the engine and box, fettle and use.
All the hard work has been done it's just time caught up with me, I've been doing jobs to make the list shorter but it's time to pass this piece of history to,a guy or gal that will finish it.
This is a must see van, looking for £28,000 for this, this is a cheep van in increadible condition, lovely colour, every thing so stock.
Can't do photobucket but I can do from an I pad so not a complete donkey , mail me at [email protected] if your at all serious about buying, I don't need or want tire kickers or photo collectors so please don't wast my time.
There's probably more I've forgot but if you take the trouble to view then all will be explained.



Jan 3, 2013
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Hi Ron
Sent an email if you don't get it pm me. I would like to see your westi.
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