Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

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Jul 12, 2007
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A bit of an update, I started to have fan belt issues having just rectified a long term clutch/oil leak problem, that turned out to be caused by a worn/damaged pilot bush. The belt shredded on the way home, managed to get around a mile away from the house when the gen light came on. Luckily I was able to pull into a car park and replace the belt. When I got home I noticed the new belt had worn badly already, something not quite right here!

I used the van a week later and the belt flipped off after about a mile, I’ve never had an issue with the belt before and bearing in mind the journey the belt takes on the corvair engine it can be an issue for some. I fitted a new belt by the side of the road (again) and off I went. Now an indication then something isn’t right is when my volt meter drops to 12v rather than the 15v (ish) that it normally sits at, so after a few miles I pulled off a side road and noticed the volts drop, jumped out and to take a look and it was apparent that the belt had twisted, this was enough to strop the alt charging. So loosened the pulley, untwisted the belt and went on again, this happens pretty much every time I went from cruising speed to stop ie junction or roundabout. Slightly peeved I went home!

So today I thought I best investigate, so stripped off the tinwear and inspected the fan and the pulley, both span freely, but the alternator seemed like it was catching slightly, problem identified! Took the alt off to see what was up, nothing! For some reason it span perfectly well off the engine, weird! Anyway, everything bolted back together and just back from a run, everything smooth and how it should be! At least now I know that if it happens again where to look.

Off to Bristol Volksfest next weekend, hope to see some of you there ✅

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