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May 24, 2021
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Hi, as we get to know our microbus, i find a few original fittings are missing or were not fitted correctly, the first i shall query is the proper knob that i think goes behind your right leg on a LHD, that actuates the walkthrough heater outlet.
I have searched for photos, & had conflicting advice from two VW traders, so here is my request to the experts.

Its indicated in my photo by the yellow arrow, & i think was an M5 thread when i measured it.

Any photos or part numbers of the proper style knob i need will be appreciated.
(i also see i need to dust under our seats...)

Walthru heater knob.jpg
Thanks Sparky, but I thought it would be this part too 111-881-251 at first, but on closer inspection, this knob has no thread, & a larger plain bore. It push fits both over the totem pole lever that directs air to feet or screen. Its other use is on the seat adjustment, just push fit.

Anybody got a pic of theirs in situ?

I think it might be more like a beetle dashboard knob judging by this picture posted elsewhere by AircooledKate7671-b0d75b27a2442d492c1ba03ebd3cbcc9.jpg

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