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Dec 12, 2008
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Hi all.
Wanted to start using my westfalia campmobile water tap.
Thing if I am not sure when it was last used & don't want to catch malaria!
Can anyone tell me how the system work&
Like where is the tank, how do you get to the tank, is the tank removable, etc.
Would appreciate any advice. Thanx.
I would be careful before using the water tank, and check the system for any leaks first. The tank is concealed behind the sink cooler unit and you wont notice any leaks until you notice a funny mouldy smell!
Is it easy to take the cooler out to check the tank behind it, or is it a case of taking the whole unit out?
Whole unit out job but is very easy to do. I found a dead rat in mine and even though I bleached it many times I haven’t been able to bring myself to use it!!!
Hi Just finished renovating and installing a sink/cooler in a '71 Westy. Three problems. Although I replaced the seals in the tap it wont pull the water up unless I prime it. Secondly the drain tap at the bottom of the tank has been knocked off and bunged with filler, does anyone know the thread size so I can source a drain tap. Finally there should be a plate to seal off the area were the drain protudes from under the van, any thoughts?
The tank is easy to get at once you unbolt the sink/cooler unit. It's secured by two bolts accessible from behind the passenger seat if LHD. The unit also needs to be lifted out vertically otherwise the drainage pipe etc will baulk on the body. There would be several things to check. If the tank has no leaks. The serviability of the various pipework. The functioning of the tap, connections and seals. and so on. Even working properly it will take time to fill the sink so patience and a sense of humour are needed. I still have issues as separately posted on this Forum.The problem being that not being the most efficent item, they were neglected and unused. So another labour of love.
My first tank had a major crack which I cured with a blow torch! Seamed to seal it ok, but then I dropped it and it became thousands of little bits.......

Present tank hasn't been dropped and so is much better! Milton is a safe product for cleaning, I used a more concentrated mix and let it soak for a while, then flushed through a few times. I use a cap of the stuff on each refill.

As for the tap, mine came with a more modern 'whaler' hand pump which looks ok and works pretty well
Hi I bleached mine and flushed and flushed got a slightly better tap from the USA and only use water for boiling for tea 😀

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