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Westfalia Trailer suitable for Early Bay or Split

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Aug 31, 2017
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Westfalia Essen Trailer For Sale.

I am offering a highly sought-after, and increasingly rare, late 1960s/early 1970s Westfalia Essen 'Suitcase' Trailer, with original aluminium rack.

It is perfect for any Split, Bay or T25 as an additional 'cool' accessory and practical storage solution for your over-filled bus when going on holiday etc..also ideal for an VW Beetle, Karman Ghia, Type 3 or Type 4 etc..as well as other vehicles requiring that period look. The original rack is identical to the type found on the roof of some Split-Screen and early Bay Window Westfalia Campers.

It is designed to be stored upright when not in use, saving alot of floor space in your garage etc.

It weighs around 55-60 kg unladen, with a relatively large carrying capacity of around 350kg, making a total permissable weight of 400kg loaded..actually rather alot when you consider it is a compact trailer. It shows the true quality of the Westfalia brand.
The lid is removable, making the trailer very versatile when needing to transport tall items, such as a lawn mower.

It has the following measurements:
Box itself measures approx. 122cm length x 90cm wide x 40cm high.
The width including the wheels each side is 127cm.

The electrics work well.
It has robust Tyres and rubber dampers.
The trailer is located in North Essex and are ready to be towed away after purchase.

It is supplied with a copy of an original sales brochure.
Price is £795


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