York Classic VWs

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Jan 4, 2013
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I thought I'd posted this on here before but I can't find a previous posting so posting now.

We are a really friendly bunch, based in and around York, YCVWs has been going just over 10 years now, I started it as there wasn't really anything in York other than a meet in a car park every now and then. We meet up regularly but not on any specific days/times of the month. We have a Facebook page, a Facebook group for those living in the area that want to join us, there is a now an Instagram to give an idea of what we get up to. We meet for coffee, breakfast, go to shows as a club, go off camping. Quite a few of us have been to European shows as a club too. We are just a big group of friends now - ones that have VWs in common (as well as coffee, beer, dogs and making memories). New members are alwyas welcome.