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      Busby67 replied to the thread Dorma Roof.
      Thanks Clem. Do you happen to know the paint code for a white roof 1969 model please? And the finish type too? Mine has always been an...
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      Busby67 reacted to ozziedog's post in the thread Dorma Roof with Like Like.
      I’ve got a LateBay Devon fibreglass Poptop on my Earlybay. Had a few stress fractures in it and I’d done a lot of repairs to it...
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      Busby67 reacted to Clem's post in the thread Dorma Roof with Like Like.
      Try a mild abrasive cleaner such as Cif in the first instance. See if it cleans up ok. Plenty of people have fibreglass roofs repainted.
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      Busby67 posted the thread Dorma Roof in General Earlybay Chat.
      Hi. I've got an Ealry Bay dorma and the roof is quite discoloured. Is there any recommended way of cleaning or has anyone ever sprayed...
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