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    FS Set of KDF style Hun Caps

    Selling a set of KDF style hub caps Made from correct 18 gauge steel Powdercoated light grey Show condition Come with removing hook . £200 Can collect from Bristol or Bristol Volks Fest or I can post .
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    Are Lemforder ball joints meant to be the best available?

    Looking to fit new ball joints. Are lemforder meant to be the best available?
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    Panel Van Porn

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    Panel Van Porn

    Havnt seen your bus for a while ,nice to see you still have it
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    Wanted ,good condition set of front ball joint arms and stock spindles

    I’m looking at going back to a stock front setup and so I’m after a set of ball joint trailing arms and stock 68-70 drum front spindles . Must be in good condition with no pitting on bearing contact surfaces .
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    Wanted pair of lower ball joint front arms

    I’m after a pair of good condition lower ball joint arms . Cheers Ja 🤙
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    Anyone in Bristol or close really up on setting up rear torsion rods and dialing in adjustable spring plates

    I’m currently running no preload as I’ve been using air shocks plus I think they are out of balance so it needs setting up from scratch as per post
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    Anyone in Bristol or close really up on setting up rear torsion rods and dialing in adjustable spring plates

    Hi guys I’ve been phoning about today to see if any of the few Bristol Vw shops could set up / dial in my rear suspension. The rear torsion rods might need inner spring tweaking as well as outer .I do have adjustable spring plates fitted to make the job easier on adjusting these . But it...
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    Torque settings for 4 bolts holding rear hub carrier

    Hi ,can anyone tell me the correct torque settings for the 2 bolts and 2 nuts/ bolts that hold the rear hub carrier to the spring plates see pic Cheers
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    Wheels and shocks

    I take it it’s only one centre line style wheel
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    Serpentine Pulley?

    I’ve recently switched over to a MST one from Limebug. The idle pulley is now billet alloy not plastic and the bearing is changeable if needed . Only done a couple hundred miles but it’s smooth as . I think a big oversight for many that are fitted is that people don’t get everything running...
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    Swapping from drums to front discs ?

    Cheers ,I spoke with Paul from Harry Harpic & sons and he said it’s more for the single circuit split systems rather than the duel circuit systems . I’ll get the disc kit and look into wether they are there or not . Cheers
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    Anyone going upto Volksworld on the Friday?

    Yeh the 19th ,I’m looking at heading out from Bristol mid morning.
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    Anyone going upto Volksworld on the Friday?

    Hi all ,just though I’d put it out there . I’m looking at travelling up to volksworld on the Friday mid morning from Bristol .It would be cool to convoy up with some fellow aircooled members ,I’ll be travelling about 65mph ,incase there’s speed demons wanting to go balls out .(happy to go a...