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    • TonySeman
      TonySeman replied to the thread 75 AMP alternator wiring.
      Hi, just found this in the technical section do have the answer to one of my questions but can anyone advise on the wiring upgrade for a...
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    • TonySeman
      Hi everyone, I purchased a 75amp alternator some time ago and now I have my engine out, am thinking about putting it on. It come as a...
    • TonySeman
      TonySeman reacted to bigherb's post in the thread Gearbox / Clutch parts? with Like Like.
      Clutches with the three fingers were preloaded so as not to distort when bolting to the flywheel. The clips fitted under the fingers and...
    • TonySeman
      TonySeman replied to the thread Gearbox / Clutch parts?.
      Thank you guys, especially Ozziedag’s recollections of his ways to make a boring job a little more interesting (it did make me laugh)...
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