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    • gagvanman
      gagvanman posted the thread Hot Start Relay in Technical.
      Been having an issue ever since I fitted a new starter battery end of last year. If I leave the van alone for over a week, I have...
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    • gagvanman
      gagvanman replied to the thread Your interiors..
      Some pics of our interior, bought from SJS Southport. Fitted around 2013 (I think). Made the table myself out of oak flooring left...
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    • gagvanman
      gagvanman replied to the thread Replace floor in my Westy.
      I have a layer of the silver insulating foil on the base then an single layer of 5 mm ply with vinyl flooring on top. Can't feel the...
    • gagvanman
      gagvanman replied to the thread Fuel in the oil sump.
      After the seasons festivities and crap weather, finally got round to checking oil level and taking the bus for a nice long drive to make...
    • gagvanman
      gagvanman replied to the thread Spare wheel.
      Standard steel wheels are 14 inch and I have after market callipers on the front so 14 inchers won't fit.
    • gagvanman
      Currently I don't carry a spare wheel in my 71 Dormmy, just a can of tyre inflation stuff. I am thinking of doing a extended trip round...
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